A Boy Turning Somersault (Successful)




A Boy Turning Somersault (Successful)


1 Edison (MU 23)  
2 W.K.L. DicksonWilliam Heise
3 ≤ 18/03/1894 50f

In the second effort shown by the pictures he was more successful. These pictures by the way, begin at the lower left-hand corner, and must be read as it were, upwards, like Chinese writing. It will be seen in the second series which illustrates the successful attempt to throw the somersault, that the athlete in twenty-six pictures was carried from the place where he was about to put his hands upon the ground to that where his body was completely in the air, and that six pictures were afterwards taken while he was in this position, well on his way towards the completion of the somersault. This series of pictures is one of the most interesting ever taken by a camera. By an examination of the six pictures of the man in the air, it will be seen how little each varies from the one next to it.

World, New York, 18 March, 1894, 21.


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World, New York, 18 March, 1894, 21.

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