A Boy Turning Somersault (Unsuccessful)




A Boy Turning Somersault (Unsuccessful)


1 Edison (MU 22)  
2 W.K.L. DicksonWilliam Heise
3 ≤ 18/03/1894 50f

One of the series gives successive pictures of an athlete in an unsuccessful attempt to turn a somersault. Every-body who has seen a boy perform this act knows the brief space of time it takes him to throw himself upon his hands, with his feet in the air, and how quickly he recovers himself if he falls to "go over". Yet it will be seen that the kinetograph photographed the athlete forty-four times between the beginning and the end of the act, aside from the numerous pictures taken when he was bending down to the ground and coming back to an erect position.
A remarkable and hitherto unknown fact was dicovered by this series of photographs. It was found when the gelatino strip, upon which the pictures were taken, was developed, that, although the athlete had falled to spring from his hands into the air, yet there was a place where both his hands and feet were off the ground at the same time. The two pictures illustrating this phenomenon are well down towards the beginning of the series, at the place where his feet left the ground and commenced to go up in the air. It had previously been supposed that in the case of a somersault of this kind, both hands rested upon the ground before the feet were thrown into the air, and the young man who threw the somersault for Mr. Edison was surprised to learn that this had not been the case.

World, New York, 18 March, 1894, 21.


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World, New York, 18 March, 1894, 21.

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