Jean-Claude SEGUIN


L'eidoloscope ((Tennessee Avenue, <4 juilllet-17> août 1896)

L'eidoloscope arrive à Atlantic city dasns les premiers jours de juillet, mais les annonces sont souvent lapidaires :

atlantic city eidoloscope 1896

Daily Union, Atlantic City, July 4, 1896.

Il faut attendre la fin des projections pour trouver une article qui indique le répertoire du eidoloscope :

A Brief Program of This Wonderful Photo-Electric Invention.
The reproduction of moving objects as shown by the eidoloscope, above Tennessee avenue on the Boardwalk, is spirited, thrilling, marvelous, interesting and instructive. The great Spanish bull-fight, as reproduced here, was one of the most exciting scenes ever known in Mexico, in which four bulls, fourteen horses and five men killed. The natural and life-like manner were with which this is shown, is simply marvelous. The program also includes the Mexican military drill, the Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara Falls, Flurette, the famous dancing girl, the Sidewalks of New York, a wonderfully realistic prize fight and many others. The whole exhibition costs but 10 cents.

Daily Union, Atlantic City, Monday Afternoon, August 17, 1896, p. 1.

L'eidoloscope n'apparaît plus désormais dans la presse.