Indian War Council


Indian War Council

Showing seventeen different persons-Indian warriors and white men-in Council.

EDI 1894-10

War Council

Representing Buffalo Bill and a number of his Indian warriors in council, smoking the famous Pipe of Pace.

EDI 1896-08


1 Edison (MU 63)  
2 W. K. L. Dickson; Maguire & Baucus; William Heise

Last Horse, Parts-his-Hair, Black Cat,
Hair Coat, Charging Crow, Dull Knife,
Holy Bear, Crazy Bull, Strong Talker, Pine,
ittle Eagle Horse, Young Bear, Johnnie-No-Neck-Burck,
even Up, Man-Not-Afraid-of-a-Drink and Runs Above

3 24/09/1894 50 ft 

Buffalo Bill Exhibits 
Some Braves Before Edison's Kinetoscope
NEW YORK, Sept. 25-The dancing Indians from the Wild West show, in charge of Buffalo Bill Major John M. Burke and Judge Jack Stillwell, fresh from el Reno, O. T., were taken to Edison's laboratory at Orange, N. J., last night to whoop it up for the kinetoscope camera. The party was received by Manager Dickson and General Superintendent Gilmore, and before the subjects were called upon to dance a tour of the laboratory was made. The braves were highly elated at "the kinetoscope's reproduction of the Corbett-Courtney mill. Major Burke's gaudy aggregation was composed of Chief Last Horse, Parts-his-Hair, Black Cat, Hair Coat, Charging Crow, Dull Knife, Holy Bear, Crazy Bull, Strong Talker, Pine, Little Eagle Horse, Young Bear, Johnnie-No-Neck-Burck, Seven Up, Man-Not-Afraid-of-a-Drink and Runs Above. They were in full war regalia, painted until they hurt one's eyes to see them, and they all carried spears and tomahawks. Interpreter Shangram ditaled on the Omaha war dance, which was performed before the camera. It was a successful sitting, if the conventional word of the photograph gallery may be used here, but it was some time before the Indians were able to comprehend the whyfor of the frequent stops. Another scene was taken, an Indian war council, in which Colonel Cody and Chief Last Horse delivered addresses in the sign language.

The Austin Weekly Statesman, Austin, 27 Sept 1894, p. 8.

4 États-Unis, West Orange, Black Maria


04/06/1895 MexiqueMéxico  John R. Roslyn  Consejo de guerra 


0063 01

Indian War Council
W.K.L. Dickson and Antonia Dickson, History of the Kinetograph, Kinetoscope and Kinetophonograph, 1895, p. 21

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