[Les Affiches en goguette]



[Les Affiches en goguette]

The Hilarious Posters

This is a comical film showing a big sign on which are posters of several lines of trade. Among them are those of china dishes, liquors, corsets, paint, meat, face powder, kerosene and theatres. On all these posters are depicted pictures of men and women, illustrating the different trades. A man passes by and happens to look at these posters and is surprised by the change from illustrations to live people. Two policemen, passing by, try to arrest all the personages, but are thwarted in their efforts by the sign, on which the posters were pasted, being thrown upon them. An iron fence is then shown, behind which are seen the real people who are represented in the posters. The policemen and the onlooker try to catch them, but they all manage to escape.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 821-823  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1906 60m/200ft
4 France  


24/11/1906 EspagneBarcelone Diorama  Carteles vivos