Benvenuto Cellini ou Curieuse Évasion


Benvenuto Cellini ou Curieuse Évasion

MEL 1908

Bienvenido Cellini o curiosa evasion

MEL 1904-A

Benvenuto Cellini, or, A Curious Evasion

Benvenuto Cellini, sculptor to the King, is thrust into a dungeon because he has offended His Majesty by not being able for some time past to produce a statue that will please him. He is told that he will stay there until he does so; his modelling table and clay are put in with him, and he is seen modelling a head. Disgusted with it, he seizes and pummels it into an indescribable mass. He throws it into a barrel. Sitting down he tries to think of a subject that will please his master and thereby gain for him his liberty, when there appears, by some unseen force, a beautiful mirage of a woman in a graceful pose. He looks at it in amazement and at once commences to model a counterpart. As soon as he has completed it the mirages is seen to fade away. He becomes so absorbed in his admiration of it that he does not hear the King and the turnkey enter. The King commands that he be brought forth and executed. There is a struggle between them, but the King is so fascinated with the model that he fails to lend assistance to the turnkey. The latter himself, on looking at it forgets his prisoner, who silently steals the key to the dungeon and makes his escape. Locking the door after him, he thereby makes his tyrants prisoners. The turnkey, on turning around, perceives that his prisoner has escaped; he rushes to the door to find that it is locked. He frantically beats upon the door, awakening the King from his stupor. Who is enraged at his negligence. He seizes the model and smashes it upon the turnkey’s head and kicks him around the place in his rage. This is one of the most interesting subjects that has been produced for some time.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 560-561  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 1904 55m/177ft
4 France  


07/02/1906 FranceParis G. Méliès Benvenuto Cellini
G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
560-561     Benvenuto Cellini
Collection particulière [D.R.]