Le Puits fantastique



Le Puits fantastique

El pozo fantástico

cómico y de transformación

MEL 1904-A

The Enchanted Well

The subject begins with the return of peasants from their work. They arrive at a farm settlement and each one goes to his home. An old peasant comes along leading an ass by the bridle. An old beggar woman follows him and asks for alms. The peasant refuses and drives her away. The latter, who is no other than a sorceress, leaves, hurling maledictions upon a well placed in the middle of the scene. The old peasant draws water from the well; this water immediately bursts into flames. The Devil emerges from the well and the peasant pelts him with stones. The well suddenly swells to enormous proportions until it assumes the appearance of a tower out of which bursts serpents, demons and frightful monsters. The peasant struggles with all these strange creatures, but in vain. Finally he is thrown into the well by huge frogs. He gets out all in rags and dripping with water. The people of the farm assemble and try to drive away the Devil who pursues the peasant. The Devil is changed into a bat and flies away.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 462-464  
2 Georges Méliès
3 1903 70 m/225 ft
4 France


10/07/1904 MexiqueToluca Enrique Rosas  El pozo encantado
¡El pozo encantado! (Esta grandiosa vista de magia y duración contiene multitud de transformaciones), La venganza de una hechicera es el asunto culminante de aquélla, y las escenas cómicas que se suceden son de magníficos efectos.
Enrique Rosas, Gran Biógrafo, Toluca, domingo 10 de julio de 1904.
25/07/1905 EspagneVitoria Gimeno Pozo fantástico
07/02/1906 FranceParis G. Méliès Le puits fantastique
G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
462-464     Le puits fantastique
Collection particulière [D.R.]
29/04/1906 France, Arcachon, Casino de la plage Royal Biographe et Cinématographe parlant Le Puits fantastique
12/07/1906 Équateur, Quito Carlos Valenti El pozo encantado