Bouquet d'illusions



Bouquet d'illusions

MEL 1908

The Triple-headed Lady

A most astounding film, showing a lady with three heads. These are taken away one after the other, and seem to be quite as lively when separated from the body as they were when united. The conjuror who is performing the trick also removes his own head without suffering any inconvenience, and walks about without it. There are also any number of other changes in this film, which has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

MEL 1905-A

The Lady of Many Heads

Here is a companion picture to The Man With Four Heads, but far more deceiving. After seeing the man with four heads, one can see how the trick is done but this picture is so clever that it defies a Magician to discover how the heads appear and disappear. This is a mystery supreme. Fancy a man taking a woman’s head from off her shoulders and placing it on a pedestal, holds conversation with it. This is done on two separate occasions, after which the woman’s head having been restored to her it is again taken from her and another head substituted yet before the picture closes, four heads precisely the same, are seen all in motion. This is a marvellous spooky Film.

LUB 1903-01


1 Méliès 334  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 < 12/05/1901 20 m/65 ft
4 France  


12/05/1901 EspagneBarcelone Ekadsographe Ramillete de ilusiones
*11/11/1902 Espagne, Burgos  Enrique Farrús  El ramillete encantado