S. LUBIN (made by), Catalogue nº 3, New Films, [1902] (The New Jersey Digital Highway) [LUB 1902]
  Inexhaustible Cab  
  The Tramp's Interrupted Nap.   
  The Foot Juggler  
  You Can't Lose Your Mother-in-Law   
  A Good Joke  
  Mine Explosion and What Followed   
  Drawee, the Juggler  
  All on Account of Eliza   
  The Extensive Wardrobe  
  The Mechanical Doll   
  Dovoy, the Funny Skater   
  The Dull Razor   
  Loro & Devoy, the Comical Acrobats   
  Who Said Chicken?  
  The Educated Chimpanzee   
  The Tramp and the Dog   
  Love at 20 and 40 Years After  
  The Singing Donkey   
  An Obstacle Race  
  Conture Brothers, Acrobats    
  Target Practice, and What Happened to Widow Flaherty  
  The Chicken Thief   
  Wy Jones Left Home   
  The Lightning Artist   
  New Year Shooters  
  Reuben Buys a Gols Brick   
  Twentieth Century Building  
  The Extensive Wardrobe   
  The Wrestling Sextette   
  Fun at a Children's Party   
  Granma and the Bad Boys   
  Twelve in a Barrel   
  The Stud Farm   
  Gen. Otis with His Troops in the Philippines   
  Collecting the King's Mail  
  Funeral of the German Empress, Frederick   

The Three Martyrs

  Ice Skating  
  Fairmount Park Trolley Panorama   
  The Story of Christmas   
  Going to the Fire and the Rescue  
  Panorama Buffalo Exposition, nº 2  
  Wedding Procession at Cairo   
  Couchee Dance on the Midway   
  Turkish Dance on the Midway   
  Grand Entry of Indian Congress  
  Boating in Lakes of Philippine Village  
  Panorama of Esplanade from Bridge of Triumph  
  Panorama of Esquimaux Village  
  Panorama of Philippine Village  
  Panorama City of Venice  
  Panorama of Venice  
  Panorama of Midway  
  Fire Run, Exposition  
  Opening Day Parade nº 1  
  Opening Day Parade nº 2  
  Opening Day Parade nº 3  
  Acrobats at Cairo  
  Indians nº 1  
  Indians nº 2  
  Midway Dance  
  Electric Tower  
  Ye Olde Mill  
  The Miniature Railway  
  Ostrich Farm  
  Bostock's Educated Chimpanzee  
  Japanese Acrobats  
  Gipsies Dancing  
  Japanese Yuma Dance  
  Eight Japanese Dancing Girls  
  Geisha Girls  
  Hu-Ki-Si, Japanese Dancer  
  Is Ka Trio  
  Black and White Hair Dance  
  Four Hong Kong Sisters  
  Japanese Bowery  
  Street Scene, Tokio  
  Japanese Dancing Hall  
  Fu Tschi Dancers  
  Shad Fishing  
  The Village Blacksmith  
  Sowing Seed on the Farm  
  An Affair of Honor  
  Circus Parade nº 1  
  Circus Parade nº 2  
  Camels Eating  
  Camels in a Tent  
  Elephants in a Tent  
  Arrival of Circus Trains  
  Panorama Buffalo Exposition, nº 1  
  Woodside Park Trolley Panorama  
  Mounted Police  
  Mounted Police Charge  
  Launch of the Kaiser's Yacht "Meteor"  
  President and Prince at Washington  
  The Hohenzollern  
  Prince Henry at Cramp's Shipyard  
  Herald Square, New York  
  Panorma of Ninth Ave. Elevated R. R.  
  Ballet Rehearsal  
  Scnicklefritz Has a Hot Time  
  Wonderful Magic  
  Mysterious Transformation Scene  
  Black Art  
  Bathing Made Easy  
  The New Serpentine and Fire Dance  
  Pugilist McKeever and Wife Bag Punching