Les Sept Péchés capitaux


Les Sept Péchés capitaux

The Seven Capital Sins

To fully describe the action as it occurs in this subject would cover several pages. Suffice it to say that, for surprising and stratling incidents, black art and ghostly doings marvelous effects and humorous it is second to none of the many preceding subjects of a like character.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 276-278  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 < 11/09/1900 60 m/195 ft
4 France  


11/09/1900 FranceLimoges Daue/Lacabane Les Sept Péchés capitaux
21/02/1901 FrancePerpignan Royal Viograph Les Sept Péchés capitaux
28/07/1901 FranceBrest Daue  Les Sept Péchés capitaux 
24/05/1902 FranceClermont-Ferrand Daue/Delmare Les Sept Péchés capitaux
24/08/1902 MexiqueGuanajuato Charles Mongrand Los siete pecados capitales
18/11/1902 EspagneBurgos Enrique Farrús Los siete pecados capitales
02/09/1903 France, Saint-Étienne Royal Vio Les Sept péchés capitaux 
14/07/1903 MexiqueMexico Charles Mongrand Los siete pecados capitales
19/08/1903 FranceTroyes Daue Les Sept Péchés capitaux
21/01/1904 MexiqueMazatlán Charles Mongrand Los siete pecados capitales 
30/12/1906 Brésil, Recife Kaurt Os 7 pecados mortaes