Neptune et Amphitrite


Neptune et Amphitrite

(Illusion mythologique sur Mer)

MEL 1899-02

Neptune and Amphitrite

MEL 1905-A

Neptune and Amphitrite

A beautiful illusion, showing sea waves breaking on the shore. Neptune is seen gliding over the water on his shell and a lovely apparitions tises before him of Amphitrite and Cupids. A decidedly artistic film.

LUB 1903-01


A beautiful and mystifying subject. A pretty girl, clad in tights is seen going through numerous graceful evolution under water. The fish are seen swimming all around her.

SEA 1908


1 Méliès 200
2 Georges Méliès  
3 <24/02/1900 20 m/65 ft
4 France  


24/02/1900 Mexique, Puebla *Charles Mongrand El Dios Neptuno y Anphitrite
16/03/1900 Mexique, Mexico Salvador Toscano Neptuno y Anfitrites
31/03/1900 France. Marseille Merveille-Théâtre Neptune et Amphitrite
05/10/1901 MexiqueToluca Charles Mongrand Neptuno y Anfitrita
04/12/1901 FranceReims Royal Vio Neptune et Amphitrite
05/06/1902 FranceClermont-Ferrand Daue/Delmare Neptune et Amphitrite 
12/09/1903 EspagneBaléaresPalma de Majorque

Cinematógrafo Balear 

Neptuno rey de las aguas
12/12/1903 FranceAnnecy Cinématographe perfectionné  L'Empire de Neptune ou les merveilles du fond de la mer