Le Miroir de Cagliostro


Le Miroir de Cagliostro

MEL 1899-01

Cagliostro's Mirror

MEL 1905-A

Cagliostro's Mirror

Another magical trick well worth having. A large frame is seen hanging on the wall. Suddenly a basket of flowers appears therein, followed by a picture of a beautiful lady. This picture becomes animated and pleads to be taken out. The visitor approaches to comply with her request; she fades into a skeleton and from that to a huge satan's head. Wonderful; startling.

LUB 1903-01


1 Méliès 199  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 < 29/07/1899 20 m/65 ft
4 France  


29/07/1899 FranceLimoges Oger/Daue  Le Miroir de Cagliostro
07/11/1899 EspagneBarcelone González, Ricart y Compª  El espejo de Cagliostro

González, Ricart y Compª
Barcelone 7 de Noviembre de 1899
Sr. D. Eduardo Gimeno
Id. à 71 pts                  El espejo de Cagliostro [...]

Filmoteca Española, MAR/03/116

03/03/1900 FranceMarseille, Nouveau-Théâtre cinématographe Miroir de Cagliostro
26/10/1902 MexiqueToluca Becerril El espejo de Cagliostro
*12/11/1902 EspagneBurgos Enrique Farrús El espejo mágico