Les Rayons Roentgen


Les Rayons Roentgen

(Scène à transformation)

MEL 1898

A Novice at X-Rays

MEL 1905-A


A professor is seen applying the X-ray to a patient. While the instrument is in operation the man's skeleton leaves his body and his clothes sink to the floor. The professor becomes frightened and hurriedly restores his patient to his normal state, and during a heated argument over the price to be paid, they engage in a scuffle, overturn the table on which the apparatus is placed and the tube exploding affords great excitement and surprises.

LUB 1903-01


1 Méliès 142  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 < 27/03/1898 20 m/65 ft
4 FranceParis


27/03/1898 FranceParis, Théâtre Robert-Houdin Georges Méliès Les Rayons Roentgen 
Le théâtre Robert-Houdin vient de faire paraître deux nouvelles vues : la Magie diabolique et les Rayons Roentgen, du plus étonnant effet.
L'Attaque, Paris, 27 mars 1898, p. 3.
03/12/1899 MexiqueMatehuala Charles Mongrand  Los rayos X
30/12/1899 MexiqueSan Luis Potosí cinematógrafo Lumière Los rayos X y la Dios electricidad (magia)
26/08/1900 EspagneTarragone Cinematógrafo Rodisbesquik Rayos X
06/12/1900 Espagne, Palma de Majorque Cinematógrafo Balear Los rayos X
10/02/1901 EspagneAlcoy Sanz Rayos X
29/09/1901 MexiqueToluca Charles Mongrand Los rayos X y la diosa electricidad
28/12/1901 France, Saumur Charles Schram Les Rayons X