Arrrival of the Boer Generals at Southampton 


Arrival of the Boer Generals at Southampton

GAU 1904 GB


1 Elge Films 18B  
2 Alfred, Claude Bromhead  
On another occasion, when the Boer leaders arrived on the SS. Saxon, I and another operator tried hard to get a picture, but the Saxon was twenty or twenty-five feet above the quay level, and to take them coming down the ladder would certainly not have made a successful picture. Having previously heard that Mr. Chamberlain was on the Nigeria at another wharf, I thought I would slip off quietly and get an advantage over my competitor, who also saw the impossibilities of the Saxon's picture. In order that he might not play the same game as myself I bolted round the back of a shed and doubled round along the wharf to the Nigeria, where, much to my surprise, I came face to face with my competitor, who had been equally sly by waiting for my disappearance. Our cross purposes of putting one another off the scent had the same ending. However, I told him that two sets of films of the same picture would be unwise, and we agreed to take different sides of the wharf, and both obtained excellent views of Lord Roberts, Kitchener, and the Boer leaders returning from their visit to Mr. Chamberlain.
The Optical Lantern and Cinematograph Journal, February 1905, p. 87.


4 Grande-Bretagne, Southampton