The Tramp's Surprise 


The Tramp's Surprise

Weary Willie is basking in the sun, when he sees a young lady approaching. Springing up, he jumps the low fence and blocks her path, demanding money; she produces her purse to give him something, but he, seeing she is helpless, snatches he purse, pockets it, and, to add insult to injury, throws his arms around her, presses his dirty face against hers, kissing her repeatedly. With a struggle she tears away, leaving Willie delighted with his experience. But not for long; for in the next part of the picture we see her lover impatiently awaiting her arrival at the meeting-place, and wondering what keeps her. When she runs up much distressed, and in tears, his wrath knows no bounds and he is off to thrash the tramp; but she detains him, explains in an instant that if Willie saw him coming he would escape, and makes him put on her cloak, hat, and veil, a very effectual disguise.
We now return to the tramp whom we find again reclining at his ease, examining the contents of the purse. Hearing a step he turns, and seeing what he supposes to be our lady friend returning, jumps up to again molest her, and get another kiss-but, biff! he gests a oner on the jaw of the wrong sort, and is sent flying over the fence, where the lover follows and forces him to disgorge the purse, and having obtained which he walks off arm in arm with the avenged damsel, and Willie’s rueful countenance, as he lies where he was flung, is most amusing. Very successful comic. Recommended.

GAU 1904 GB


1 Elge Films 14B  
2 n.c.  
3 [1902]-06/1904 100ft 
4 Grande-Bretagne