Lord Kitchener at Southampton 


Lord Kitchener at Southampton

The celebrated portrait of the General half filling the screen. The best animated portrait ever taken.

GAU 1904 GB


1 Elge Films 10B   
2 Alfred, Claude Bromhead
I remember when Kitchener returned to Southampton from South Africa I was determined to possess a good series of views, but it seemed as though the fates were against me, for on arriving at the quay there was a huge crowd, and I was, unfortunately, late. All the best positions had been secured by hand camera and living picture men, and I desponded of getting anywhere near the site where the gangway was to be placed, consequently I had to go by the back of the crowd right to the side of the quay, and there forced my way up to the Guard of Honour, where luckily I got some boxes and set my apparatus right over the heads of those in front. I had a stroke of luck, and instead of the early birds catching the worm, had the satisfaction of seeing the gangway lowered right in front of where I had taken my stand, and I secured one of the best views as Lord Kitchener walked right up and stood unknowingly in the face of my camera.
The Optical Lantern and Cinematograph Journal, February 1905, p. 87.
3 12/07/1902 100ft 
4 Grande-Bretagne, Southampton