[Nouvelles luttes extravagantes]



[Nouvelles Luttes extravagantes]

Fat and Lean Wrestling Match

This film is one of the most laughable of mysterious pictures made. An extremely lean man and an extremely fat man are engaged in a wrestling match. The lean man attacks the fat one viciously, but cannot budge him from the floor. After wrestling furiously for a while, the fat man falls upon the lean one and crushes him as flat as a pancake. The fat man then rolls him up in a package about the size of a carpet bag and lays him on the floor, and winds up by tossing him high in the air. The lean man in coming down falls on the fat man’s head, knocking him to the floor and causing him to explode in a great cloud of smoke, his body being distributed all over the stage. The portions of the fat man’s body then begin slowly to draw together, when suddenly they assume their proper place and come to life, the fat man jumping to his feet an making a hasty exit, seeming glad to get out of the way of his terrible opponent.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 309-310  
2 Georges Méliès   
3 1900 70m/165ft
4 France  


24/05/1902 Costa Rica, San José Courrech y Vouelle Luchas ultramodernistas