The Adventures of Sandy MacGreggor


Le Bain de l'Écossais

Adventures of Sandy Mac-Gregor

Nous assistons au désespoir comique d'un Écossais venu sur la plage pour prendre un bain. Dérangé par deux jeunes femmes, il emploie tous les moyens pour se cacher et se revêtir.

GAU 1904-12

GAU 1905

The Adventures of Sandy MacGreggor

Ye ken well friends that I’d no pay saxpense for to baths, so I just walks a bit five miles to a lone part o’ the shore, and finds a grand rock for to shelter my body from any possible observation. Well, I was no a minute in hopping out o’ my bit things, and I was on the point o taking my dip when, Och Hi, what should I see but two wee lassies away the other side of the rock, and it was this way-that Sandy MacGreggor was on the one side o’ the rock and his frock and all was on the other side with the two bit lassies. Friends, I’m a modest man, and I was in mind that they lassies should ken I was there, but they soon set con on my clothes, and they takes a peep over the sea, and then, Och Hi, they takes a peep round the rock, and Och, lada, it was just terrible, it was me with nought but my wee towel to my waist must run away round till they canna see me, and in no time we had gone right round and was back where we started from, and I takes a peep over the top of the rock, and I see the lasses a-spreading, out my clothes just as they’re worn, and they a’ taking such liberties with my sporran and dancing about, and in another minute they takes a second lock around the old rock, and off I goes and was round beside my frock when, Mon, a great idea came over me, and I lays down on the stone and rolls over and over till I rolls straight into my clothes. Well, I am just getting to my feet when the lassies comes from round the rock, and Mon, ye’ll hardly believe it, they lassies had taken my breeks, and the minute I set con on them I kens they’re no under my kilt. Well, I just falls o’ my knees, and in good time I persuades the bit creatures to give me the breeks, and my breeks was so set on getting home that I’d no sooner stepped into them but they runs up my legs on their own-so it was all over, and I takes the bit lassies for a walk beside the sea. Ah, mon, but it was fell exciting

The Era, London, 22 October 1904, p. 35. 


1 Clarendon 108 Gaumont 3011
2 H. V. Lawley ; P. E. Stow  
3 [1904]-22/10/1904 96 m/300 ft
4 Grande-Bretagne, Croydon  


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