Duo de l'escapolette



Duo de l'escarpolette


de l'opérette " Véronique "

En anglais

GAU 1906 CHR 


1 Gaumont CHR 23  
2 n.c. Joe Mack 
3 [1903]-≤26/02/1906 55m+250mm
Mr. Henry Iles and his able manager, Mr Hook, are enterprising men, who can see ahead, and have equipped their exhibition with his latest triumph of scientific and mechanical skill. On Monday night a crowded audience applauded the talking and singing pictures vociferously; in fact, so great was the demand for encores, that the operators often found it difficult to proceed with the next picture. Amongst the pictures reproduced by the Chronophone were Mr. R. G. Knowles singing some of his most popular songs; Mr. Joe Mack singing “Walking home with Angeline.” “The Swing Song” from Veronique, “The Twin Duet” from the French Maid, and “The Whistling Bowery Boy.” The Chronophone is assured of success, and will prove a big drawing card wherever exhibited. The ordinary pictures were all of them excellent, Elge films predominated-L. Gaumont and Co. again. Later reports to hand state that the bookings are phenomenal, and crowded audiences every night have given their unanimous verdict that the Chronophone is “the show” and the novelty that managers have so long been waiting for.
The Era, London, March 3, 1906, p. 26.
4 [Grande-Bretagne]


26/02/1906 Grande-Bretagne, Londres  Chronophone  The Swing Song