Oliver Twist


La Vie d'un Pick-pocket

Oliver Twist

Tiré du célèbre roman de Dickens : Oliver Twist.

GAU 1906-07

Oliver Twist


SCENE 1.-Oliver asks for more.
SCENE 2.-He runs away from the workhouse.
SCENE 3.-Oliver's meeting with the Artful Dodger.
SCENE 4.-Fagin's Den. Lessons in thieving.
SCENE 5.- Bill Sikes. The burglary at Mr. Brownlow's. Oliver is caught.
SCENE 6.-Sikes's Room. Nancy. Fagin shadows the girl.
SCENE 7.-At the bridge. Nancy discloses the plot against Oliver. Fagin in hiding.
SCENE 8. The murder of Nancy. Sikes's dash for freedom.
SCENE 9. Pursuit and death of Sikes.
SCENE 10. Fagin in his cell. The hangman's noose. Oliver's recompense

The Era, London, March 10, 1906, p. 34.


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10/03/1906 Grande-Bretagne, Londres The Era  Oliver Twist