Bathing in the Ice


Bain au Pôle Nord


Bathing in the Ice

Sport d'hiver des plus curieux. Les baigneurs, malgré la neige, la glace et le froid très vif, se jettent à l'eau dans les espaces creusés dans la glace.

GAU 1906-07

Bathing in the Ice

Taken at Coney Island during a recent spell of severe weather. In Arctic surroundings a party of intrepid bathers take their morning dip. With the thermometer at several degrees below zero. After the plunge violent exercises are resorted to “ to keep the cold out. ” There are many amusing incidents in the picture. One bather, a veritable Titan, makes the plunge four times. Another member of the party is a clever contortionist, and gives an exceedingly a exhibition of this art.

The Era, February 10, 1906, p. 30. 


1 [Elgé GB] Gaumont 3089
2 n.c.  
3 07/1905-10/02/1906 102m/330ft
4 États-Unis, New York  


10/02/1906 Grande-Bretagne, Londres The Era  Bathing in the Ice