La Mouche


La Mouche

Un paisible dormeur, taquiné par une mouche, s'éveille à plusieurs reprises et tente de s'en emparer : il réussit à la fin, et pour être sûr de ne plus la
revoir, il l'avale.

GAU 1904-04

That Busy Bee

A gentleman, indulging in forty winks after dinner, is reclining in a chair, yawning and stretching himself. With a final yawn he falls asleep, with an expression of deep satisfaction on his features.
He is no sooner asleep, however, than that busy little bee in the course of its daily labours, settles on his cheek and causes an expression of pain to overspread the face of the slumberer, who suddenly awakes with a start and brushes the bee from his face, the expression of pain turning to one of anger as he notes the cause of the disturbance. With vicious glances he follows the little disturber in its flight round the room, but little by little gets sleepy, and again falls asleep, yawning. Our little friend, seeming to enjoy the fun, again alights, this time on the chin of the slumberer, whose dreams are again disturbed by a disagreeably sharp sensation. Being again unable to exterminate the enemy, he once more falls asleep, only to be disturbed a moment later by the bee coming down on his nose. This time, however, he means to be revenged, and after squinting in a most horrible manner to get the exact position of the enemy, raises his hand warily, and with a quick flank movement takes the enemy prisoner. With an expression of fiendish delight he holds the bee between his fingers for inspection, and, opening his mouth, devours it with much smacking of lips. He then finally continues his nap, looking highly gratified at so great a victory.

An exceptionally laughable short comic, specially remarkable for the great play of facial expression, and as the head and shoulders of the sleeper occupy the whole of the picture, the detail is quite perfect.
Played by Alfred Collins, Esq., the well-known comedian late of His Majesty’s and Drury Lane Theatres.

GAU 1904-GB


1 Gaumont 771L 145 (GAU 1904-GB)
2 [Alfred, Claude Bromhead] Alfred Collins
3 09/1903-04/02/1904 20m/70f
4 Grande-Bretagne