Desperate Poaching Affray



Les Braconniers

Deux braconniers, venant de recueillir le gibier pris dans leurs filets, sont surpris par des gardes qui se lancent à leur poursuite accompagnés de policemen ; après une longue chasse mouvementée à travers bois, marais, routes, les deux braconniers finissent par être arrêtés non sans résistance.

GAU 1903-09

Desperate Poaching Affray

Taken amid beautiful natural scenery, this film is of a highly exciting and sensational order, and may be briefly described and epitomized as follows.
The snare -a low net-is set across some bushes, and several hares and other game are struggling in it. The poachers arrive to secure their prey, and are surprised by gamekeepers; hurriedly hiding until the keepers, accompanied by police, enter the bushes in search, they make a dash directly the latter are out of sight. Keepers and police give chase-over the gate, through the bracken, across the fields. The poachers turn and fire upon their pursuers, who return the fire, and one poacher is wounded in the arm. They are off again, but hard pressed, and turning in a narrow country lane, the poachers succeed this time with two hasty shots in dropping a couple of their pursuers. Another short run, and poachers, police, and keepers are mixed up in a desperate hand-to-hand struggle, in which the butt ends of their guns are freely used.
They break away and make another run for it, but are headed off into a broad but shallow stream, into which one leaps in his efforts to escape. A policeman follows, and the struggle is resumed in the water. The policeman gets the worst of it, and once again the poacher gets away. His mate also gets flung into the water during a struggle on the bank. They are driven back into the water again from one side, and captured in an effort to escape from the other. Being brought close past the camera, their desperate and exhausted condition are plainly discernible.
Photographic quality and sharpness magnificent, subject breathlessly exciting.

GAU 1904-GB


1 Gaumont 723 L 114B (GAU 1904-GB)
2 William Haggar Walter Haggar, Will Haggar Jr
3 01/1903-09/1903 69m/220f
4 Grande-Bretagne  


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