The Burning Stable 


The Burning Stable

This is a very interesting and exciting representation of a burning stable, the rescue of the horses from the flames, and the salvage of carts and carriage, &c. In the opening the smoke and flames are seen to be appearing from the doors of the stables, and a number of men rush in to rescue the property. As they are running out the carts, other men come upon the scene, and bring a number of buckets to a pump in the foreground, and carry them full to pour on the flames ; while two firemen firect a stream of water from a hose upon the burning building. Lastly, the horses from the inner stables are led, unwillingly, through the smoke to the outer air-it being necessary in some cases to envelop their heads in a sack before they will passe the fire.

The Era, London, December 22, 1900, p. 28.


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3 ≤ 22/12/1900 100ft 
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