The Gunpowder Plot 


The Gunpowder Plot

Scene, a country garden. Enter an old man carrying a canvas chair, which he places to his satisfacion in a quiet corner, and settles himself with a book for a comfortable afternoon. But the heat proves oppressive, the book drops from his fingers, and he falles asleep. A mischievous boy next enters, carrying in his hand a very formidable Chinese cracker ; this he places surreptitiously under the chair, and after quietly lighting the fuse he runs away. There is a few moments pause and then a terrific explosion, and as the smoke clears away it is found the chair and occupant have entirely disappeared. A few moments more and they begin to come down in bits, first an arm and leg, and then the bits of the chair and the remainder of the body fall through the air on the scene of the explosion.

The Era, London, November 24, 1900, p. 27.

Complot de la poudre

Un rentier à la campagne s'installe à lire dans son jardin, il s'endort ; arrivée d'un gamin qui place sous sa chaise un pétard et l'allume ; peu après l'explosion se produit, l'homme et la chaise ont disparu et retombent en morceaux quelques secondes plus tard.

GAU 1901-07


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