Punter's Mishap 


Punter's Mishap

This is a very comic photograph representing an accident which happened to a man who though inexperienced, thought he would have no difficulty in punting. So confident was he that he asked a couple of ladies to go with him on a trial trip, and the picture opens as the boat starts along a wonderfully picturesque little backwater of the Upper Thames. The ladies have just settled down to comfortably enjoy their expedition, and the punter, proud in the assurance of this fanded skill, has just waved his hat and bowed to the audience when he becomes aware that the punt pole is firmly stuck in the mud. His endeavours to drag it out again, while the punt gradually drifts farther and farther again, are very amusing, and as he is obliged bit by bit to shift his position on the boat, and come farther every moment towards its edge as it glides from under his feet, it is easy to see what must ultimately happen. In the end a last despairing pull proves too much for the punter's equilibrium, and he falls heavily into the water, clinging tightly to the pole, while the punt and its frightened occupants drift rapidly away. The Picture finishes with the struggles of the unfortunate young man as he flounders out of the mud towards the shore.

The Era, London, November 24, 1900, p. 27.

Le Canotier maladroit

Un canotier avec deux dames dirige le bateau avec une gaffe ; celle-ci se prend dans le fond et ne parvenant pas à la retirer il finit par tomber à l'eau.

GAU 1901-07


1 Hepwix Films 128  Gaumont H.128 
2 n.c.  
3 ≤ 24/11/1900 75ft/23m
4 Grande-Bretagne