May Irwin Kiss


May Irwin Kiss


1 Edison 155   
2 William Heise May Irwin, John C. Rice 
3 04/1896  
4 États-Unis, West Orange, Black Maria  


08/09/1896 MexiqueMexico, Teatro-Circo Orrín Mrs C. P. Gardner Widow Jones
01/10/1896 MexiqueGuadalajara T. C. O'Connor El beso de una viuda
29/11/1896 MexiqueMexico, Profesa, nº 6 vitascopio Irwin Kiss
04/01/1897 Jamaïque, Kingston Harry J. Daniels The Widow's Kiss
19/01/1897 Jamaïque, Montego Bay Harry J. Daniels The Kiss 
18/02/1897 Costa Rica, San José Harry J. Daniels El beso de la viuda 
22/04/1897 Barbade, Bridgetown Harry J. Daniels The Widow's Kiss 

The last picture, "The Widow's Kiss," was a revelation. Coyly the widow submitted to the embrace of her lover, ans when, after twirling his moustache as a preparatory step, he imprinted a kiss on her lips the reality was so startling that thunders of applause followed.

The Barbados Agricultural Reporter, Tuesday, March 23, 1897, p. 3. 
23/04/1897 Cuba, La Havane Yorik El beso
14/05/1897 Porto Rico, San Juan Luigi de Pío El beso
25/09/1900 Cuba, La Havane Regino López El beso


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"May Irwin and John C. Rice in 'The Widow Jones,' a stage hit of 1896, from which the Edison studio photographed a scene entitled 'The May Irwin Kiss.' Then and there censorship was born". Terry Ramsaye, "The Romantic History of the Motion Picture", Photoplay Magazine, vol. XXII, nº 3, août, 1922, p. 50. 
© 1922, Terry Ramsaye