Bateau de Douglas à Liverpool


Bateau de Douglas à Liverpool

GAU 1897-11


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Mons. MORRIS, one of the leading photographers of Paris, is now on the island taking a series of photographs for Mons. Trewey's Cinematographe, which commences an engagement at the Pavilion on Monday next. On Thursday he secured some capital views of the bathing scene at Port Skillion, feeding the sea lions at Groudle, and on Friday, he secured a view of the crowd on Douglas Head breaking up after listening to the Minstrel performance, and some views of the Electric Cars at Laxey Station. It is also intended to get a view of the Empress Queen approaching the Port, and other local scenes of interest. Mons. Morris, who is staying with Mr Radcliffe at Greenwood House, expresses himself as charmed with the richly diversified and beautiful scenery of the Island. It may interest our readers to know that each scene taken for one of these instruments, necessitates some 1.200 photographs, all of which are taken in the space of one minute. No doubt the local views will lend additional interest to the Cinematographic views at the Pavilion, but Mons. Trewey has hundreds of interesting scenes taken in all parts of the world, which will be exhibited next week while the local views are being got ready.
The Manx Sun, Douglas, July 17, 1897, 4.
There were also on the Pier two gentlemen with a camera for the purpose of taking views of the arrival of the steamer to be exhibited in a cinematographe.
Isle of Man Times, 24 July 1897, 2.
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nº5. Bateau de Douglas à Liverpool.
Liste des vues déposées le 12 octobre 1897. Série B. 35mm de largeur.

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