Le Carrosse royal


Le Carrosse royal

GAU 1897-11


1 Gaumont L 23 (60mm)  
2 William John Le Couteur  
3 06/1897  
4 Grande-BretagneLondres  


13/07/1897  Grande-BretagneLondres, Matinée Theatre Chronophotographe Gaumont  

Photography has of recent years been put to many uses, but one of the most vivid representations which it affords is to be found in the reproduction by a series of rapidly succeeding images of a living scene. The animatography has been put to uses which do not satisfy all those who watch its progress, and some would probably object to seeing the incidents of a famous prize fight reproduced. There are thousands, however, throughout the country who will welcome the entertainment now provided at the Matinée Theatre which gives a vivid reproduction of some of the scenes of the recent Jubilee festivities. The proportion even of Londoners who were in a position to view the great Procession, the Naval and Military Reviews, the Queen’s Garden Party, the distribution of Commemoration medals to the Colonial troops, and the memorable scene at St. Paul’s, is comparatively small, while the “country cousins” who will soon be flocking to the Metropolis did not have much chance of assisting at these unique scenes. The pictures exhibited at the Matinée Theatre are vividly realistic, and if only the cries of the crowd, the hearty cheering of the assembled thousands, and the indescribable enthusiasm pervading every breast and animating each of the human units of that vast assemblage whose portraits appear in the pictures presented could be rendered with equal fidelity, then, indeed, the audience would be able to imagine itself present at the stirring episodes depicted. The apparatus used was that of Demeny, and wavered slightly, but it is understood that this “flicker” is due in some degree to the electric light, which was produced by an alternating current, and would be much less with a continuous current. Moreover, improvements have been made in the machine used, which were not employed yesterday. The picture can be enlarged to 10ft., but that shown at the private view was not more than 20 ft. by 15ft. It is an interesting exhibition, and should attract large numbers who did not see the Jubilee festivities, as well as many who wish to refresh their recollections of them.

The Morning Post, London, wednesday, july 14, 1897, p. 3.

17/07/1897 Grande-BretagneCheltenham, Corn Exchange

William David Slade

slade 06
Cheltenham Looker-On, Cheltenham, 17 juillet 1897, p. 1.