Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Melbourne est la capitale de l'état de Victoria (Australie). 


Le Cinématographe de Carl Herz (Opera House, 22 août-[16] septembre 1896)

En provenance d'Afrique du Sud, Carl Hetz inaugure son cinématographe à l'Opera House le 22 août :

As an up to date scientific novelty the cinematographe, which was introduced to Australians by Carl Hertz at the Opera House on Saturday night, must be ascribed a leading position. It is a combination by which the effects of the kinetoscope are imparted to limelight views, producing scenes of amazing realism, and giving them all the characteristics of actual moving life. All tho accuracy of detail belonging to modern photography, which is, of course, the groundwork of the views, is strikingly manifested. Amongst the most vivid views were an Italian skirt dance, in which the danseuse was seen with the same clearness as if she had been actually on the stage; a pugilistic. encounter ; street scenes of London and London-bridge, showing hansoms, market waggons, buses and coster carts threading their way at various rates of speed through the maze of traffic, the drivers gesticulating and apparently reviling each other, just as they did one morning months ago, when the original photograph was taken. Perhaps tho most perfect of the scenes is the seascape, a flowing tide and a rocky foreshore. The rhythmic motion of the waves, tho spray and foam and broken waters where the waves were reft by the boulders, were so intensely natural that the audience, which had been growing enthusiastic over the display, broke into a storm of applause ; but the cinematographe is not educated up to encores, and a scene from the burlesque of Trilby, showing the death of Svengali, followed. During the evening Mr. Will Whitburn made his first appearance with the Harry Rickards company and was accorded un ovation. Beautiful Jessica, a new slack wire artist, also made her first appearance, and was well received.

The Age, Melbourne, lundi 24 août 1896, p. 6.

Les séances se prolongent jusqu'au milieu du mois de septembre. Carl Hetz se rend ensuite à Sydney.