Bourricots sous les palmiers



Bourricots sous les palmiers

LUM 1897-02

Tourists Riding Donkeys (Egypt)

None except those who have travelled in Egypt can appreciate the relief afforded by the slade of the Palm after a long ride over the hot desert sands. The subject shows a train of tourists riding donkeys arriving at an oasis in the desert. It is rather amusing to note several of the riders attempting to keep their feet from dragging on the ground, owing to the limited height of the donkeys.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 379 (AS 119) Maguire & Baucus 1379
2 Alexandre Promio  
3 12/03/1897-[18/04/1897] 17 m
4 Égypte, Sakkarah  


02/05/1897 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière  Égypte : bourricots sous les palmiers
16/05/1897 France, Aix-en-Provence Cinématographe Lumière  Bourrico sous les palmiers