Garde descendante du Palais royal



Garde descendante du Palais royal

LUM 1897-01

Guard coming from the Royal Palace at Madrid 

MB 1897

Spanish Artillery Passing the Royal Palace

Figures well in the foreground, and the picture filled with men, horses, cannon and ammunition carriages, all in rapid movement. Full of action and martial spirit.

MB 1898 


1 Lumière 269 (AS 143) Maguire & Baucus 1269
2 Alexandre Promio  
3 [24/05]-[30/06/1896] 17 m
4 EspagneMadrid, Palais royal


10/07/1896 France, Vichy Cinématographe Lumière La garde descendante
19/07/1896 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière Madrid : garde descendante du Palis Royal
01/11/1896 États-UnisChicago, Schiller Theatre Cinématographe Lumière The Royal Palace at Madrid, and the Queen of Spain's body guard
02/12/1896 FranceCaen Félix Rangé Garde montante (Madrid)