26e dragons-Pied-à-terre



Stuttgart : 26e dragons-Pied-à-terre

LUM 1897-01

26th Dragoons Dismounting

MB 1897

Dragoons Dismounting

Shows an entire squadron of the 26th Stuttgart Dragoons dismounting with the grace and precisioin due to long training.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 243 (AS 65) Maguire & Baucus 1243
2 [Constant Girel]  
3 [16/04/1896]-20/09/1896 17 m
4 AllemagneStuttgart  


27/09/1896 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière Dragons autrichiens : pied à terre
18/10/1896 FranceChalon-sur-Saône Félix Mesguich  Dragons autrichiens : pied à terre 
21/01/1897 États-Unis,Washington Whiting Allen/Félix Mesguich   
One of the most interesting and thrilling pictures is the movement of a squadron of German cavalry. The line is seen advancing until a rank of mounted horsemen draws up and seems to halt abreast of the observer. The riders dismount, spring to their horses’ heads and stand at attention holding the bridles. For a few moments the observer is occupied with watching the beautiful horses, noting every movement of their head, the glances of intelligence in their eyes as they turn in surprise toward the camera that is photographing them and seem to look directly at the audience.
Evening Star, Washington, 21 janvier 1897, p. 12.
09/07/1897 Espagne, Lugo Alexandre Azevedo Dragones pie a tierra


0243 photogrammes
Plaque 20, film 243, Stuttgart, 26e dragons, pied à terre, 1896,
épreuve argentique, photogramme cinématographique,
H. 17,0 ; L. 19,5 cm. ,
Don Dr. Paul Génard, 1991,
© Musée d’Orsay, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais/Alexis Brandt