PAT 1897-01 


1 Lumière 60 (AS 1372)   
2 [Alexandre Promio François-Henri Lavanchy-Clarke

A few words now on the methods I made use of for out Sunlight advertisement in Switzerland. As my wife wrote you, the firs picture film taken in Switzerland was a group of my wife and family washing in our garden at Geneva. You certainly remember seeing it at the Geneva Exhibition. This film was shown everywhere in Switzerland. I organized lectures in the morning for the children of the schools. As you remember, each piece of Sunlight had a guarantee mark fixed on it. Each month there was a competition with prizes. Each child presenting a guarantee mark was admitted free; so a mother having several children had simply to purchase a provision of Sunlight and detach the marks with a knife and to distribute them to her children. On their return home the children praised the cinematograph and their parents were also induced to attend the evening representations. Every person presenting a Sunlight Almanack [sic] was admitted at half price. We had simply to perforate a corner for the control.

"The Cinema and Sunlight Soap, Early enterprise of Mr. Lavanchy-Clarke", Progress, Lever Brothers, Voll 22 No 154 April 1922, p. 90.

3 07/05/1896-[12/06/1896]  17 m 
4 Suisse, Genève, Maison Lavanchy-Clarke


29/06/1896  États-UnisNew York, Keith's Union Square Theatre Cinématographe Lumière

Washing Day in Switzerland


In another scene women were shown washing clothing in the yard of a dwelling. One woman bent over the tub, from which a cloud of steam rose as another poured in hot water. Among the washers, with a pretty pretence at being herself very busy, went a little child holding a doll in her arms.

The Sun, New York, 15 juillet 1896, p. 7.

02/08/1896 États-UnisPhiladelphie, Bijou Theatre Cinématographe Lumière  Washing Day in Switzerland
20/09/1896 FranceLyon Cinématographe Lumière  Les Laveuses
01/10/1896 FranceMarseille Joseph Camus
Cinématographe Lumière
08/10/1896 Suisse, Lausanne François-Henri Lavanchy-Clarke La Lessive 
01/11/1897 Grande-BretagneNorwich H. Spencer Clarke The Sunlight Soap washing competition
18/03/1898 Suisse, Fribourg François-Henri Lavanchy-Clarke  Les Laveuses au " Sunlight Savon "
01/10/1898 France, Paris, Casino de Paris The Royal Biograph Les Laveuses