L'École buissonnière



L'École buissonnière

Un mauvais garnement dérobe le porte-monnaie de sa maman et détourne un de ses camarades avec lequel il fait l’école buissonnière. Tous deux se livrent d’abord à de mauvaises plaisanteries sur certains passants, puis gaspillent l’argent volé. Enfin, ayant tout dépensé, ils volent dans un bazar un cheval de bois. On les poursuit jusqu’au moment où deux agents les ramènent à papa qui leur administre la fessée méritée.


Playing Truant

The missed lessons. An illustrated paper preferred to an exercise book. The boy's mother appears on the scene with the usual consequences. A good tuck-in at the jam. Caught again. The boy decides to have a day off, and finding some money in a drawer he goes out and meeting his brother they both prepare for an enjoyable time. The baker loses his tarts. The disgusted old lady who finds a box at the end of her dog chain instead of her cherished pet. The disappearing drink. Gent rows the waiter. Nothing like cheek. Asking a gentleman for a light they leave a cigarette in his hand and make off with his more classy smoke. Visit to the children's pantomime. Visit to the toy shop. The missing horse. Chase by the propietor and others. The surprised bill-strickers. At last the boys are caught and taken to their home where they receive what is considered a just reward for their exploits.

The Era, London, April 14, 1906, p. 30.


1 Pathé 1374  
2 n.c.
3 ≤ 03/1906 185 m/610 ft
4 France


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