Comic Costume Scramble




A Comic Costume Race at the Music Hall Sports., July 14th, 1896.

PAU 1896

Comic Costume Scramble

PAU 1897-03

Comic Costume Race.

MANY favourite performer, are seen in this picture, each bearing a cunspicuous number on his breast. A row of baskets containing grotesque costumes are similarly numbered. The competitors race from a distance, find the basket allotted to them, make their toilet as rapidly as possible and race back to the starting point. Very funny and a popular subject.

PAU 1903


1 Paul 22 (1896) 57 (1897)  
2 Robert-William Paul  
3 14/07/1896 40 ft
  0022 01
The illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, Londres, 25 juillet 1896, p. 837.
4 Grande-Bretagne  


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18/09/1896 Espagne, Séville Francisco Dos Santos La gran corrida cómica
26/10/1896 Grande-BretagneÎle de Wight, Ryde [David Devant] The music hall sports, 1896
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21/11/1896  Grande-BretagneSheffield [David Devant] Music Hall Sports, 1896 (Costume Race)
10/11/1897 Grande-BretagneGreat Marlow David Devant  A Comic Costume Race 
27/12/1897 Grande-BretagneBristol [David Devant] A Comic Costume Race 
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12/05/1898 Grande-Bretagne, île de Wight [David Devant A Comic Costume Race