[Emménagement express]



[Emménagement express]

A hurried moving in

A Gentleman who is looking out for an apartment, finds one that suits him. He wants to take possession ot it at once and immediately all his furniture arrives quite by itself and everything is at once in its place.
He gets the table ready for dinner, in the same way, and whan his wife comes to see how ht is getting on, she finds evething nice and confortable, and he offers her a bunch of flowers, and they sit down to have their dinner.

PAT 1903-04

Mudanza precipitada

Un caballero alquila una casa. Los muebles y todos los utensilios vienen de todas partes a sus manos y son colocados inmediatamente. Por el mismo procedimiento pone la mesa en el momento en que llega su señora, y le presenta un ramo de flores.

PAT 1904-03


1 Pathé 638  
2 n.c.  
3 ≤ 05/1903 35m/115f






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