Forepaugh and Sell's Circus

Chariot Race


Chariot Race

This is one of the most exciting moving pictures it has ever been our privilege to take. Many attempts have been made by others, but failure has been their portion. It remained for us to accomplish the work, and we are justly proud to offer our patrons a Chariot Race in moving pictures. Think of it, a real Roman Chariot Race, showing the daring drivers lashing the four spirited horses attached to their chariots, until they foam at the mouth. It is the most exciting spectacle of the entire Circus, and the audience is moved to rise en masse, thinking at every turn the riders will be dashed to pieces should they fall.

LUB 1903-01


1 S. Lubin  
2 n.c.   
3 04/1902 65f
4 USA, Philadelphia