Poor Algy



The opening scene shows Algy and his best girl preparing a luncheon under a vine covered tree on tbe bank of a brook In a beautiful meadow. Algy Is sent for some water, while the young lady goes to gather some flowers.
Presently a villainous looking tramp emerges from under tbe foot-bridge over tbe brook. He discovers the lunch basket and decamps with it.
Algy's sweetheart returns, discovers tbe tramp making off with the basket, and calls Algy back, who returns in time to see the tramp disappearing into the woods. He calms her fears and boldly starts after the tramp.
The next scene shows Mr. Tramp comfortably seated in the woods, regaling himself with the luncheon. Algy appears and demands the basket, whereupon Mr. Tramp, with the aid of a club, persuades Algy to exchange hats and coats, and to retire with him behind some bushes to exchange the rest of his attire. Both soon return completely dressed in each others' clothes. Mr. Tramp now drives Algy away with his club.
Algy's sweetheart has been waiting his return. Soon she discovers a tramp approaching and starts to run. The tramp runs after her chases her through a cornfield and over a rail fence. Reaching a road the sees a man ahead. He isdressed in a very loud sweater and is evldently a pugilist training for a fight. She overtakes him and explains the situation. The prize fighter tells her "dere is nutln to it." and goes back after the tramp. He promptly knocks him down, kicks him a few times, and then carries him on his back to where the young lady has been watching the proceedings with much satisfaction. In spite of his black eye and dilapidated appearance she recognises her "Algy". and then proceeds to roundly score her preserver.


1 Edison 6190
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3 ≤10/1905


10/08/1906 CubaLa Habana Enrique Rosas ¡Pobre Algy!; Pobre Igy




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