La Révolution en Russie



La Révolution en Russie

Le cuirassé Prince Potemkin - Révolte à bord -Assassinat d’un matelot par l’officier commandant - Représailles des marins - Hommage à la victime - Exposition du corps sur les quais d’Odessa - Bombardement, soulèvement populaire, pillage et incendie de la ville - Répression.

PAT 1905-07

Revolution in Russia

Shows the Russian warship Kniaz Potemkin outside Odessa. Mutiny on board. Killing officers. Town and docks on fire. Cossack brutalities in town. all details of this terrible affair. Very realistic.

The Era, London, July 22, 1905, p. 27.

Revolution in Odessa

This is a very interesting film, showing us three recent events in Odessa. We see first the battleship "Prince Potemkin” in the harbor. The second scene is on board, and we see the soldiers at their meals. The officers to whom they bring their complaints, and in a few minutes the ship is in the hands of the mutineers. They are beaded now by an officer who encourages them and promises to stick to them. Odessa is bombarded and through the glasses of the officer we witness the plundering and burning of the city.

SEA 1908


1 Pathé 1249  
2 Lucien Nonguet  
3 < 24/07/1905 80 m/265 ft
4 France  


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