Le Merveilleux Éventail vivant



Le Merveilleux Éventail vivant

Abanico mágico

MEL 1904-A

The Wonderful Living Fan

A fan manufacturer, desiring to sell to the King of France, Louis XV, a marvelous fan which he has just completed, has requested the chamberlain to do him the honor of examining it. The latter comes in a sedan chair upon the terrace of the palace at Versailles, followed by numerous servants, who bear upon their shoulders an enormous case containing the marvel. The chamberlain sits comfortably in an armchair while the following scenes are enacted before his surprised and delighted eyes. The lid comes open of its own accord, revealing an enormous fan. The seven branches of which it is composed gradually unfold. The fan once opened occupies the entire width of the scene. The middle of each one of the branches becomes animated and in place of the painting which adorned it there may be seen seven pretty women of the Court in gala attire. The mounting of the fan disappears slowly and the seven women alone remain visible, without any apparent support, in the position which would be held by the branches of a half-star having the centre of which formed of a hemisphere. Il is before this human fan, which undergoes various transformations, that there is danced by the lords and ladies of the Court an exquisite minuet. Dancers and fan fade away to give place to a fascinating animated fountain, of which seven women in artistic and dainty positions form the principal ground-work. The one in the centre holds an amphora upon her shoulder, from which bursts forth a jet of water. The lovely vision comes to an end; all disappears. The astonished chamberlain remains before the open fan, which appears as it did at first. The fan folds itself, and once in the box the lid comes down of its own accord. The chamberlain approaches to examine it, but it suddenly opens with a crash and falls upon him, hitting him upon his shoulders.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 581-584  
2 Georges Méliès  
3 < 12/09/1904 90 m/290 ft
4 France  


12/09/1904 EspagneMadrid, Duque de Alba Cinematógrafo Franco-Español El abanico mágico, en colores
19/10/1904 Espagne, Cáceres Cinematógrafo Franco-Español El abanico mágico (colores)
14/01/1905 EspagneSalamanque
Royal Cosmograh El Abanico Mágico 
20/03/1905 Espagne, Zamora Cinematógrafo Mayor El abanico mágico, en colores 
08/05/1905 CubaLa Havane Carlos A. Prada El abanico mágico
24/06/1905 EspagneAlmería, Teatro Variedades Cinematógrafo Girmand  Abanico mágico 
11/07/1905 Cuba, La Havane Carlos A. Prada  El abanico mágico 
02/08/1905 EspagneVitoria Requena Abanico mágico
17/08/1905 EspagneVitoria
Abanico mágico 
22/08/1905 CubaLa Havane Costa  El maravilloso abanico mágico
16/09/1905 Espagne, Badajoz Salón Luminoso Abanico mágico
24/10/1905 Espagne, Xérès, Teatro Eslava Llorens El abanico mágico 
06/12/1905 Espagne, Santiago, Salón Apolo Cinematógrafo  Abanico mágico 
23/05/1906 Espagne, Ségovie Cinematógrafo Pradera  El abanico mágico 
19/07/1906 Espagne, Lucena Salón Luminoso  Abanico mágico 
17/08/1906 EspagneSalamanque Palacio Luminoso  Abanico mágico 
01/12/1906 EspagneVitoria Rocamora El abanico mágico