Un drame dans les airs

 1106 01


Un drame dans les airs

Tragedy in Mid-air

This film shows the ascent of a balloon, with two passengers, from the centre of a park, with hundreds of onlookers. The basket of the balloon is now shown in mid-air with the passengers looking down-ward through their telescope and you are shown what they see. Suddenly a storm bursts upon them, a flash of lightning sets fire to the balloon which collapses and falls into the sea, the passengers clinging to the wreckage are then rescued by a boatman.

PAT 1904-08b

Un drama en el aire

Esta vista se vende con un suplemento de 2 francos neto, la parte relativa a la explosion siendo iluminada.

PAT 1904-03

Tragedy in Mid Air

Two aeronauts are shown in the basket of their balloon preparatory to making an ascent, and the huge ball let go. It saiIs up in the air, and as it goes out of sight the scene changes and shows it sailing through space at a rapid pace. The aeronauts enjoy the scenery through their telescopes, and each view is shown the audience. Suddenly a storm breaks and the rain pours down in torrents. The wind blows the balloon through space at a terri fie pace, and as it Is over the sea a flash of lightning strikes at a terrific pace, and as it is over the sea a flash of lightning strikes it, setting the gas afire and demolishing the entire sheet. The basket with Its contents are precipitated to the water and are rescued by a boatman after a hard struggle to keep them from drowning until help arrives.

SEA 1908


1 Pathé 1106  21F7475 (SEA) 
2 Gaston Velle   
3 ≤ 08/1904  60 m/200 ft/180 ft (SEA)
4 France   


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Affiche reproduite dans Jacques Deslandes et Jacques Richard, Histoire comparée du cinéma, Tome II, Paris, Casterman, 1968, p. 319 © Collection Jacques Richard
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