The Great Train Robbery



This sensational and highly tragic subject will certainly make a decided "hit" whenever shown. In every respect we consider it absolutely the superior of any moving picture ever made. It has been posed and acted in faithful duplication of the genuine "Hold Ups" made famous by various outlaw bands in the far West, and only recently the East has been shocked by several crimes of the frontier order, which fact will increase the popular interest in this great Headline Attraction. Scene 1 -- Interior of Railroad Telegraph Office. Two masked robbers enter and compel the operator to set the "signal block" to stop the approaching train, also making him write a fictitious order to the engineer to take water at this station, instead of at "Red Lodge," their regular watering stop. The train comes to a standstill; conductor comes to the window, and the frightened operator delivers the order while the bandits crouch out of sight, at the same time keeping their revolvers trained on him. No sooner does the conductor leave than they fall upon the operator, bind and gag him, then hastily depart to catch the moving train. Scene 2 -- At the Railroad Water Tank. The bandit band are seen hiding behind the tank as a train stops to take water (according to false order). Just before she pulls out they stealthily board the train between the express car and the tender. Scene 3 -- Interior of Express Car. Messenger is busily engaged with his duties. Becoming alarmed at an unusual sound, he goes to the door, and peeping through the keyhole, discovers two men trying to break in. He starts back in a bewildered manner. Quickly recovering, his first thought is of the valuables in the strong box, which he hastily locks, and throws the key through the open side door. Pulling his revolver, he fortifies himself behind a pile of trunks, etc. In the meantime, the two robbers have succeeded in effecting an entrance. They enter cautiously. The messenger opens fire on them. A desperate pistol duel takes place, in which the messenger is killed. One of the robbers stands watch while the other tries to open the treasure box. Finding it locked, he searches the messenger for the key. Not finding it, he blows the safe up with dynamite. After securing the valuables and mail bags, they leave the car. [end of part 1]Scene 4 -- The Fight on the Tender. This thrilling scene was taken from the mail car showing the tender and interior of locomotive cab, while the train is running forty miles an hour. While some of the bandits are robbing the mail car, two others are seen climbing over the tender. One of them holds up the engineer, and the other covers the fireman. The latter secures a coal shovel and climbs up on the tender, where a desperate fight takes place with the outlaw. They struggle fiercely all over the tank, having several narrow escapes from being hurled over the side of the tender. Finally they fall, with the robber on top. He grabs a lump of coal, and strikes the fireman on the head, rendering him senseless. He then hurls the body from the swiftly moving train. The bandits then compel the engineer to bring the train to a stop. Scene 5 -- The Train Uncoupled. Shows the train coming to a stop. With the robbers' pistols close to his head, the engineer leaves the locomotive, uncouples it from the train, and pulls ahead about one hundred feet. Scene 6 -- Exterior of Passenger Coaches. The bandits compel the passengers to leave coaches with hands aloft, and line up along the tracks. One of the robbers covers them with large pistols in either hand, while the others ransack the travelers' pockets. A passenger makes an attempt to escape, but is instantly shot down. After securing everything of value, the band terrorize the passengers by firing their revolvers in the air, and then make safe their escape on the locomotive. Scene 7 -- The Escape. The desperadoes board the locomotive with their booty, command the engineer to start his machine, and disappear in the distance. Scene 8 -- Off to the Mountains. The robbers bring the engine to a stop several miles from the scene of the "Hold Up," and take to the mountains. [end of part 2]Scene 9 -- A Beautiful Scene in a Valley. The bandits come down the side of a hill on a run and cross a narrow stream. Mounting their horses, which were tied to nearby trees, they vanish into the wilderness. Scene 10 -- Interior of Telegraph Office. The operator lies bound and gagged on the floor. After a desperate struggle, he succeeds in standing up. Leaning on the table, he telegraphs for assistance by manipulating the key with his chin, and then faints from exhaustion. His little daughter enters with his dinner pail. Discovering his condition, she cuts the ropes, and throwing a glass of water in his face, restores him to consciousness. Arousing in a bewildered manner, he suddenly recalls his thrilling experience, and rushes forth to summon assistance. Scene 11 -- Interior of a Dance Hall. This typical Western dance house scene shows a large number of men and women in a lively quadrille. A "Tenderfoot" appears on the scene. He is quickly spotted, pushed to the center of the hall, and compelled to dance a jig, while the bystanders amuse themselves by shooting dangerously close to his feet. Suddenly the door opens and the half dead telegraph operator staggers in. The crowd gather around him, while he relates what has happened. Immediately the dance breaks up in confusion. The men secure their guns and hastily leave in pursuit of the outlaws. Scene 12 -- The Posse in Pursuit. Shows the robbers dashing down a rugged mountain at a terrible pace, followed closely by a large posse, both parties firing as they proceed. One of the desperados is shot and plunges head first from his horse. Staggering to his feet, he fires at his nearest pursuer, only to be shot dead. Scene 13 -- Battle to the Death. The remaining three bandits, thinking they had eluded their pursuers, have dismounted from their horses. After carefully surveying their surroundings, they begin to examine the contents of the mail bags. Deeply engaged in this work, they do not perceive the approach of the posse. The pursuers, having left their horses, steal noiselessly down upon them until they are completely surrounded. A desperate battle then takes place. After a brave stand, all of the robbers and several of the posse bite the dust. Scene 14 -- Realism. A life size picture of Barnes, leader of the outlaw band, taking aim and firing point blank at each individual in the audience. (This effect is gained by foreshortening in making the picture.) The resulting excitement is great. This section of the scene can be used either to begin the subject or to end it, as the operator may choose. The End. Sold in one length only. 740 feet. Class A. Price, 111.00.

EDI 1904-01 


03/04/1904 MexiqueMexico, Teatro Circo Orrin Poliscopio El asalto y robo de un tren en los Estados Unidos
03/07/1904 MexiqueAtlixco Toscano/Barreiro Asalto y robo a un tren express
2º. Tomando agua. Llega la máquina al lugar en que según la falsa orden debe detenerse el tren para tomar agua. Se vé á la banda de bandidos escondidos detrás del tinaco, subirse al tren furtivamente, quedando inmediatos al carro Express y el Ténder. 3º. Interior del carro Express.- El agente está ocupado en el cumplimiento de sus obligaciones oye un ruido extraño y se alarma: va á la puerta y espía por el agujero de la cerradura descubriendo á los bandidos que tratan de forzarla, retrocede espantado pero pronto se repone y sus primeros pensamientos son salvar los valores que traen en la caja, la cierra violentamente y tira las llaves por la ventanilla, saca luego su pistola y se fortifica detrás de unos baúles. Entre tanto los ladrones entran cautelosamente, el agente hace fuego sobre ellos, se traba un duelo desesperado á pistola y el agente sucumbe al fin. Encontrando la caja de los valores cerrada, registran al agente para quitarle las llaves y no hallándolas vuelan la tapa con dinamita apoderándose de los valores y la valija del correo.
4º. La riña en el Ténder.- Vista tomada desde el carro correo, viendo el Ténder y el interior de la máquina que corre á razón de 80 kilómetros por hora. Entre tanto que se
verifica la escena anterior del robo del express, otros dos bandidos están sobre el Ténder, uno de ellos sujeta al maquinista y el otro se va sobre el fogonero que con una pala en la mano se defiende; por fin tras de desesperada y terrible lucha cae el fogonero con el ladrón encima, se levanta éste y le pega un leñazo en la cabeza tirando luego su cuerpo hacia el camino. Momentos después los bandidos obligan al maquinista á detener el tren. 
5º. El desenganche del tren.- Los ladrones obligan al maquinista que desenganche el tren y se adelanta sola la máquina cien pies.
6º. Exterior de un coche de pasajeros.- Los ladrones atan las manos á los pasajeros, los hacen bajar del coche y formarse alineados á lo largo del camino, enseguida los despojan del dinero que traen en sus bolsillos siempre amenazados con pistola; un pasajero intenta escapar y es muerto en el acto de un pistoletazo.
Después todos los ladrones amedrentan á los pasajeros disparando sus pistolas al aire y se ponen á salvo escapando en la locomotora.
Cinematógrafo Lumière, Programa de mano, Atlixco, 3 de julio de 1904
28/08/1904 Mexique, Tezuitlán Toscano/Barreiro Asalto y robo a un tren expreso en los Estados Unidos
22/09/1904 MexiqueTehuacán Toscano/Barreiro Asalto y robo a un tren en los Estados Unidos
12/12/1904 MexiqueToluca Toscano/Barreiro Asalto y robo a un tren en los Estados Unidos 
11/03/1905 MexiqueMexico, Teatro Circo Orrin Poliscopio Un asalto a un tren de pasajeros
13/04/1905 MexiqueXalapa Toscano/Barreiro Asalto y robo a un tren expres en los E.E. Unidos 
15/04/1905 Cuba, La Havane Casasús
Gran robo en un tren
13/05/1905 MexiqueAtlixco Barreiro/Toscano Asalto y robo a un tren de pasajeros en los E.U.
11/09/1905 MexiqueMexico, Teatro Circo Orrin Toscano/Barreiro Robo a un tren en marcha
27/10/1905 MexiqueMexico Enrique Rosas Asalto y robo de un tren por en bandido Robbery
Asalto y robo a un tren express por el famoso bandido americano Roberts
29/10/1905 MexiqueMexico, Teatro Circo Orrin Toscano/Barreiro El asalto y robo a un tren Express
04/11/1905 MexiqueTulancingo Barreiro/Toscano Asalto y robo a un tren Express
03/04/1906 MexiqueMexico Toscano/Barreiro Asalto y robo a un tren express en los E.U.
Asalto y robo a un tren express en los E.U.
Magnífica vista que nos muestra la manera de cómo los bandidos americanos logran detener y robar los trenes. Llena de detalles interesantes, esta vista sugestiona al espectador desde el principio hasta el fin y es verdaderamente sensacional.

Cinematógrafo Toscano y Barreiro, programa de mano, 3 de abril de 1906.
Un pionero del cine en México Salvador Toscano y su colección de carteles, CD, Fundación Carmen Toscano, 2003.


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