Le Royaume des fées



Le Royaume des fées

In the Kingdom of Fairyland



1. The Betrothal of the Prince.
2. The Gifts of the Fairies.

3. The Curse of the Jilted Damsel.

4. The Boudoir of the Princess.
5. Abduction of the Princess by the Demons–The Chariot of Fire.
6. The Top of the Tower–The Castle in Alarm.
7. Flight Through the Skies in the Chariot of Fire.
8. The Armory of the Castle.
9. The Vision in the Haunted Chamber.

10. The Genius Bestows Upon the Prince the Armor.

11. The Impenetrable Armor–The Prince Knighted.

12. Embarkation on the Royal Galley.

13. Encountering a Tempest at Sea.

(New Effects) Thunder and Lightning and Torrents of Rain. The Horizon overcast by Angry Clouds. The Heaving Seas, Mountainous Waves and Rain produced by Real Water

14. The Ship Wrecked on the Rocks.

15. Sinking to the Ocean Bed. (Real Fishes and Sea Monsters.)
16. The Prince Rescued by the Mermaid Queen.

17. The Submarine Caves.–Encounter with a Cuttle-Fish.

18. Review of the Habitues of the Deep.–Father Neptune’s Car.

19. The Palace of the Lobsters.

20. The Azure Grotto.–The Flowers of the Sea.

21. In Neptune's Empire.–Great Submarine Spectacle.

22. The Whale.–The “Omnibus of the Deep.”

23. On Land Once More.–The Entrance to the Cave.

24. The Cavern of the Spirits.–Encounter with Pre-historic Monsters and a Gigantic Boa.

25. Sleep Overcomes the Luckless Voyagers.– The Mountain Torrent and Falls. (Real Water with dissolving effects.)

26. The Palace of Boots.–Dance of the Boots.

27. Escape from the Cavern.- On the Edge of the Precipice.

28. The Plunge of a Hundred Yards.

29. The Castle of the Devil.–The Witch in League.

30. The Castle on Fire.–Rescue of the Princess.

(New magnificent fire effects and sensational change of scene in full view.)

31. The Death of the Witch.–Enclosed in a Cask and cast from the Cliffs into the Sea.

32. The Terrors of the Gulf.

33. The Palace of the King.–The Wedding Procession.

34. The Queen of the Air in Her Domain.

35.–Apotheosis.–In the Kingdom of Fairyland.

LUB 1904-06

El Reino de las Hadas

Película de gran éxito

MEL 1904-A

Fairyland, or The Kingdom of the Fairies

1. The Betrothal of the Prince o Bel Azor
Interior of the palace of King Lawrence XXIV. The members of the court are assembled in state costumes. The arrival of the Princess Azurine and of the Prince Bel Azor. The King announces to the company the betrothal of the Princess, his daughter with the young Prince. The exchange of the engagement ring.

2. The Presents of the Fairies
The fairy godmothers bring their gifts. The fairy Aurora gives the Princess beauty and bestows upon her a magic flower to guard her from evil. The Fairy Fortune brings her the gift of riches. The fairy Infancy announces to her a numerous progeny. Finally the fairy Power decrees that she will one day wear the royal crown.

3. The Curse of the Witch
Everybody is rejoicing when suddenly there enters the Witch to whom the King has forgotten to send an invitation. The old Witch, enraged over the slight, curses the Princess, and in spite of the excuses of the King and of the Prince swears that she will avenge herself in a signal way. She threatens the Princess with the most terrible misfortunes. The Prince becomes enraged and attacks the old Witch with drawn sword, but she suddenly disappears in a pillar of fire, to eh consternation of all.

4. The Boudoir of Princess Azurine
Magnificent boudoir in the style of Louis XV. The Princess Azurine, still suffering from the excitement, enters her boudoir to take a rest. The servants remove her sumptuous robes and pass to her a dress for the night. They make their curtesies, wish the princess a good night, and withdraw. The Princess gets into a bed the shape of a shell and supported by cupids, and soon falls to sleep.

5. Abduction of the Princess by Demons (The Chariot of Fire)
Suddenly a trapdoor in the floor opens and the Witch appears. After having satisfied herself that the Princess is sleeping, she pulls from her hands the magic flower which the fairy Aurora had bestowed upon her and tears it to bits. Then the old Witch summons several demons, whom she orders to seize the Princess and to bind her. The Witch then orders to appear a chariot drawn by fantastical animals. In spite of her cries the Princess is fastened into the car. The demons leap upon the animals, which then draw the chariot around the room and vanish into space. Hardly have they gone when all the occupants of the palace, awakened by the cries of the Princess, rush into the chamber, only to find it empty. The Prince Bel Azor, who is the first to arrive, struggles with the demons, who vanish into smoke, and he is thus unable to prevent the abduction of this fiancée.

6. The Top of the Tower. The Alarm
The people of the castle, accompanied by the King, the Queen and the Prince Bel Azor, ascend the stairs by strides and reach the upper platform, where they gaze anxiously about the sky.

7. The Fantastical Ride
Suddenly they perceive in the heavens the fantastical cortege bearing away the weeping Princess. Witches mounted on broomsticks and demons bearing burning torches accompany the chariot as it moves through the air among the clouds. The Prince sickens at the sight, but, encouraged by the lords about him, vows he will again find his fiancée with their assistance. They all repair to the armory of the palace to prepare themselves for the pursuit of the abductors.

8. The Armory of the Castle
(Magnificent interior of the Middle Ages. Suits of armor, arms, cuirasses, battle-axed, sabres, halberds, horses barbed with iron, flags, etc., etc. To the right, a large staircase descends from the top to the bottom of the picture.) The people in the place descend in great haste to the armory. They fall upon the weapons of war and quickly transform themselves into warriors armed from head to foot. (Here takes place an amusing incident.) The majordomo of the castle, large and fat, having been suddenly seized with a bellicose ardour, arms himself front and back with enormous bucklers and grabs hold of so many arms that he mounts the stairs with difficulty, and only through the assistance of some obliging noblemen, who tug at him and push him.

9. The Vision in the Haunted Chamber
The Prince Bel Azor, who has selected his arms, darts in his turn up the stairs following after his comrades, but he is stopped by the Witch, who suddenly appears and who, laughing at his preparations, announces to him that they are useless. She makes a gesture and immediately the walls on one side of the armory fade away into a scene of an inaccessible rock everywhere surrounded by steep sides and on its summit a tower with not a single door or window. The Prince, riveted to the spot from terror, sees the demons draw near to the tower, dragging the chariot of fire. He beholds them hoisting her by a rope to the top of the tower and shutting her up under the roof. The Prince darts forward, but the vision fades away and he falls against the wall of the armory, which has resumed its position. Bel Azor draws his sword to strike the Witch, but with a gesture she throws him to the floor and chains him to a table. Then mounting a broom, she rides away into the air.

10 The Genius Bestows upon the Prince the Armor
Fortunately the good fairy, Aurora, appears in her turn and frees the Prince. She announces to him that she will protect him in his enterprises and that in order to foil the malicious projects of the Witch she will give him a talisman, which will permit him to use in finding the Princess. She then summons the Genius of Invulnerability, who enters in the form of a lame and deformed dwarf.

11. The Impenetrable Armor. The Prince is Knighted
The Genius presents to the fairy Aurora an impenetrable armor, which renders its owner invulnerable, and likewise a magic helmet and sword, both of which are endowed with marvellous powers. The fairy gives the accolade to the Prince, who falls upon his knees and is knighted. Bel Azor thanks the fairy and leaves the hall, the fairy vanishes in the air, the dwarf withdraws by a leap.

12. Embarking on the Royal Galley
(Superb setting; the docks of a port on the ocean; to the left, the royal galley richly decorated and carved.) The sailors of the royal navy are making the final preparations before weighing anchor. The Prince, his chamberlain, his majordomo, and many knights, hasten aboard the galley, for the fairy Aurora has told the Prince that the Princess is shut up in the tower in the midst of the ocean. The oars strike the sea in rhythmic cadence, the royal standard floats from the stern. The mighty ship majestically moves away. Hardly has it disappeared when the Witch appears upon the dock. She laughs fiendishly and determines to destroy the Prince and his suite. She makes some diabolical evocations and sets loose the elements upon the royal gallery.

13. Encountering a Tempest at Sea.
Here the spectator is borne into the open ocean. The waves swell with rage; the sky becomes threatening, for black clouds appear up on the horizon and approach with marvellous rapidity. The galley rolls and pitches ahong the billows, scarcely making any headway. The storm bursts forth with fury, the lightning illumines the sky, the rain falls in torrents, the sea is overturned, the galley, no longer minding her helm, is half swamped and is driven with terrifying swiftness against some cliffs which border the wild coast. (This tableau is one of the cleverest arranged for cinematographs. The sea is represented with striking fidelity to nature by natural water agitated mechanically. The rain is likewise obtained by the use of real water. The movement of the clouds and the lightning are rendered with such striking vividness that the tableau has a marvellous appearance of reality.)

14. The Ship Wrecked on the Rocks.
Suddenly the galley strikes upon an enormous rock, which emerges from the midst of the billows, and the siph founders shortly after, disappearing in a vortex of foam.

15. Sinking to the Bottom of the Sea (Real Fishes and Sea Monsters)
One next sees the vessel sink into the abyss of ocean. It descends among fishes of all sorts, which move away in fright (water and fishes are real) until it settles upon the bottom. Bubbles of air rise up while whirling about. Some water-nymphs (attendants at the Court of Neptune) visit the remains of the wreck so as to report to their lord, the god of the sea. (New trick: the nymphs moving through the water without any visible support.)

16. The Prince Rescued by the Mermaid Queen. Encounter with a Cuttlefish
The vessel lies in a bed of rock with her masts broken, her sails, her ropes and her rigging hanging down wretchedly entangled. Upon the deck the people lie stretched out in picturesque confusion, unconscious of their whereabouts or of their existence. On every side there are large shells, and living fishes swim around. To the left, a gigantic octopus stretches out his tentacles and strives to embrace the shipwrecked people. The Fairy of the Waters, urged by the fairy Aurora, comes to their aid drawn in a conch-shell by a dolphin. She touches them with her wand and they awake. She orders them to get up and follow her. Prince Bel Azor, the chamberlain, the majordomo, still dazed, follow the Fairy of the Waters with great difficulty through the liquid element.

17. The Submarine Grottoes
They penetrate while following the Fairy of the Waters superb marine grottoes peopled with living fish. She announces to the Prince that she is leading him into the Court of Neptune, and as the journey will be long and difficult she will give to the Prince and his suite a means of transportation used in the realms of the ocean.

18. Review of the Habitués of the Deep. Father Neptune’s Car
The fairy in her shell drawn by a dolphin. Bel Azor mounted on an enormous sturgeon, the majordomo astride a large lobster, the other personages seated in a chariot of shells and drawn by fantastical fishes, traverse, on their way to Father Neptune’s palace, various submarine lands under the escort of nymphs, naiads and aquatic animals.

19. The Palace of Lobsters
A fascinating scene. The rocks are covered with enormous lobsters and crabs.

20. The Flora of the Sea. The Azure Grotto.
(This tableau forms with the preceding a series of charming transformations.) The submarine flowers, algae, corals, madreporas, gradually settle down beneath the ocean bed and finally reveal an azure grotto of dazzling beauty. The grotto, in turn, fades away and discloses the magnificent tableau which follows.

21. In Neptune’s Empir. Great Submarine Spectacle.
In this superb tableau Neptune is seated upon his throne. Large shells rest upon submarine plants, and in them lie the goddesses and fairies of the sea, naiads, genii and tritons. Garlands of delicate pearls are stretched around, and fishes swim in and out the scene. Prince Bel Azor arrives, accompanied by the Fairy of the Waters and escorted by large lobsters, Neptune’s guards. The prince explains to the god of the sea why he has been precipitated into his realm by the Witch, and begs Neptune to have pity upon him and permit him to return to the land and the open air. Neptune, touched by the misfortune of the young Prince, orders to advance.

22. The Whate. The “Omnibus of the Deep”
This omnibus is no other than a whale of natural proportions. The Prince and his suite shrink back astounded. But Neptune tells them not to hesitate. So they permit themselves to be swallowed one by one without a protest. The whale makes several motions with his fins and glides up to the surface of the ocean.

23. Upon Terra Firma. The Entrance of the Cavern
The head of the whale emerges from the waves spouting two streams of water from his blow-holes. He opens his mouth and throws out upon the shore the shipwrecked crowd; then he twists his head and sends up a stream of water and lashes the waves with his tail. As soon as the whale has disappeared the Prince and his retinue descry the inaccessible rock and the tower in which the Princess is imprisoned. It is half a mile away, isolated, in the ocean, and they do not know how to reach it. Luckily the fairy Aurora reappears, and, showing him the entrance to a cavern, tells him to enter there and follow the subterranean passage which leads almost up to the bewitched tower. Prince Bel Azor, with his followers, rush into the cavern.

24. The Departure from the Cavern. The Steep Cliff
The party leaves the cavern by climbing up through an opening, and they find themselves upon the edge of a high cliff. (At a distance of about 150 feet to tower looms up.) Alas! the sea separates the Prince from his beloved. He suggests to the King and the chamberlain a leap into the waves and a short swim. But they think the scheme a foolhardy one.

25. A Plunge of 300 Feet
Nothing daunted, the Prince throws upon the ground his sword, his helmet and his shield and plunges into the water head first. The Witch, maddened from rage, appears and would have followed the Prince had not the fairy Aurora fortunately intervened. Henceforth there is to be a battle-royal between the two fairies.

26. The Devil’s Castle. The Witch in League
The Prince, after a hard struggle, succeeds in swimming to the foot of the longed for rock. He climbs up with some difficulty to the tower. He advances to the door of a ruined castle, the windows of which are all securely barred. The door finally yields to the redoubled blows which he administers and falls into several pieces. He rushes in. The Witch, exasperated beyond measure, rises up and orders two demons to burn the castle With burning torches they set fire to the interior and smoke emerges in vast clouds from the windows and doors, much to the delight of the old fairy, who claps her hands with joy.

27. The Castle on Fire. Rescue of the Princess
(Startling effects of burning) To the right, a staircase on fire, the balustrade broken. Everywhere there is evidence of ruin. The Prince descends the stairs bearing in his arms the Princess in a faint. The flames and the smoke work their destruction. The Prince, half-suffocated, succeeds in reaching the door, but none too soon, for the moment he steps over the threshold the ceiling of the hall falls, carrying with it the staircase, while flames and sparks burst forth with redoubles violence.

28. The Death of the Witch
The Prince, after having made his way across the narrow strait with the Princess in his arms, reaches the shore where he has left the King, the chamberlain and his majordomo. Princess Azurine with joy rushes to her father’s arms, and he hastily bears her away to his kingdom. The Witch appears, only to see her prey disappear, and she tries to avenge herself by making an effort to throw the Prince into the sea. But the fairy Aurora frustrates her vain efforts by shutting up in a cask the old Witch and throwing her into the ocean.

29. The Whirlpool
Below the cliff, among the rocks, the Witch finally disappears beneath the waves. (Real water).

30. The Palace of the King. The Wedding Procession
Upon the terrace of the palace, from which one beholds a magnificent city, the vassals, noblemen and other personages of court are assembled. The King in royal robes, the Queen and the Princess await upon a balcony the solemn entry of Bel Azor and Azurine. The latter arrive escorted by a gorgeous retinue with banners waving in the breeze and trumpeters acclaiming the joyful ceremony. The Princess is borne in a truly regal palanquin, and the Prince, arrayed in gleaming armor, is mounted upon a superbly caparisoned steed. The crowd shout forth their delight.

31. The Queen of the Air in Her Domain
The preceding tableau is dissolved into masses of fleecy clouds. The Fairy of the Air, with the touch of her magic wand, changes them into the last tableau.

32. The Kingdom of the Fairies. Apotheosis
In the background one beholds a vast Gothic colonnade of white marble. Between each column are fairies dressed in dazzling costumes. In the centre, a beautiful monument of marble and gilded fret-work. Under the central dome Bel Azor and Azurine stand arrayed in their wedding garments, receiving the congratulations of a loving people. Two fairies suspended in the air crown the married pair.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 483-498   
2 Georges Méliès   
3 <07/09/1903 320 m/1080 ft/1040 ft (LUB)
4 France. Montreuil-sous-Bois  


07/09/1903 Grande BretagneLondres, Alhambra
Imperial Bioscope Wonders of the Deep; or, The Kingdom of the Fairies
FOLLOWING close upon the extraordinary interest created by the scientific series of pictures shown exclusively at the Alhambra, another remarkable film is now on exhibition at this house. By exclusive arrangement with Mr. Charles Urban of the Imperial Bioscope, the management of the Alhambra on the evening of Monday, September 7, presented for the first time ‘‘ The Wonders of the Deep,” a film of 1.000-ft., comprising 16,000 pictures and thirty tableaux. The new spectacle exceeds in the wonderful ingenuity of idea and development its famous predecessor, ‘‘ A Trip to the Moon.”’ The submarine tableaux, which constitue a special feature of the series, present effects which for grotesque humour and fantastic beauty have never been equalled.
King and his Navy and Army, samedi 12 septembre 1903, p. 46.
07/11/1903 EspagneLogroño La Rioja El Reino de las Hadas 
La casa G. Méliès de París, ha cesado toda relación comercial con los comisionistas. Suplica a sus numerosos clientes pidan su nueva tarifa de precios con rebaja a su agente exclusivo, único encargado de la venta de sus películas.
Gran éxito del día, El Reino de las Hadas.
Agente exclusivo, O. Richeux
Tallers , 70, 4º.-Barcelona
Desconfiar de las imitaciones.
La Rioja, Logroño, 17 de noviembre de 1903, p. 4.
02/12/1903 EspagneHuesca  Juan Minuesa El Reino de las Hadas o las Maravillas de las profundidades del Océano
22/12/1903 FranceParis, Théâtre Robert-Houdin Georges Méliès Le Royaume des Fées
03/01/1904 EspagneTarragone Wolf Polack El reino de las Hadas o las maravillas de las profundidades del Océano
Hoy se exhibirá en el cinematógrafo del Sr. Polack "El reino de las Hadas o las maravillas de las profundidades del Océano", dividido en dos partes y en los 35 cuadros que se detallan a continuación: 1.º La sale del Trono, esponsales del príncipe Bel-Azor.-2.º Los presentes de las Hadas.-3º La Hada Danina.-4º El acostar de la princesa Azurina, las sirvientas.-5º El rapto, el carro de fuego, los demonios.-6º La cumbre de la torre, alarma en el Palacio.-7º La cabalgata fantástica, demonios y brujas.-8º La sala de armas.-9º La torre maldita, visión.-10 La Hada bienhechora, el genio de invulnerabilidad.-11 La armadura impenetrable, el príncipe armado.-12 La galera real, el embarco.-13 En alta mar, la tempestad.-14 El naufragio.-15 En el fondo del Océano, las nadadoras.-16 Los náufragos, la Hada de las aguas, el pulpo gigante.- 17 Las grutas submarinas.-18 Desfile de peces fantásticos, el carro náutico.-19 El palacio de las langostas.-20 La flora de los mares, las grutas del Azur.- 21 El reino de Neptuno.- 22 En el vientre de una ballena, en terraplén, la caverna.-24 La salida de la caverna, las costas bravas.-25 Una zambullida de 500 metros.-26 El castillo del diablo, la bruja.- 27 El incendio, el salvamento de la princesa.-28 Muerte de la Hada Danina.-29 El abismo.-30 El palacio del Rey, el regreso, gran desfile.-31 La Hada del aire.-32 El reino de las Hadas.-33 Cambio a la vista.-34 Llegada de las bailarinas, gran baile.-35 En el cielo. (Apoteosis final).
La Opinión, Tarragona, 3 de enero de 1904, p. 3. 
06/01/1904 EspagneMadrid, Fuencarral 125 Proyecciones El Reino de las hadas
12/01/1904 EspagneXérès, Teatro Eslava Léo Lefebvre El Reino de las hadas 
28/02/1904 SuisseNeuchâtel Louis Praiss Le Royaume des fées
12/03/1904 EspagneValence Salón Novedades El reino de las hadas o los misterios del reino del mar
12/03/1904 SuissePorrentruy Louis Praiss Le Royaume des Fées ou les merveilles des profondeurs de l'Océan
18/03/1904 EspagneVitoria, El Circo Pardeau/José Flores El Reino de las Hadas
En el Circo
Sin interrupción han tenido lugar durante los dos días pasados las proyecciones cinematográficas anunciadas en el Circo por Mr. Pardeu a quien acompaña don José Flores.
De todas las sesiones salía el público muy satisfecho.
Lo que verdaderamente llamó la atención fue la gran cinta de 500 metros cuyo título es "El Reino de las Hadas"
Los numerosos cuadros de que consta se hallan perfectamente convinados y aunque todos están bien hechos sobresalen por su originalidad las escenas en el fondo del mar que son de un efecto sorprendente.
Se nos dice que muy pronto se estrenará la gran película histórica "María Antonieta".
Mucho nos alegraremos que así sea pero creemos que el Reino de las Hadas debe volver a escena pues dadas las bellezas que encierra estamos seguros que muchos volverán a verla.
Un ruego de amigo: Ya que hay un individuo encargado de anunciar los títulos de los cuadros, debe procurar hacerlo con la claridad debida para que el público se entere.
Heraldo Alavés, Vitoria, 21 de marzo de 1904, p. 4.
19/03/1904 SuisseMontreux Louis Praiss Le Royaume des Fées
25/03/1904 EspagneVitoria Pardeau El reino de las hadas
30/03/1904 Suisse, Lausanne Louis Praiss Le Royaume des Fées
10/04/1904 SuisseFribourg L. Praiss fils
Le Royaume des fées
22/04/1904 MexiqueChihuahua Ch. Mongrand El Reino de las Hadas
25/04/1904 CubaLa Havane
Reino de las Hadas
25/04/1904 EspagneOrihuela Cinematógrafo El reino de las Hadas
28/04/1904 Espagne, Murcie hermanos Carreño La reina de las hadas
07/05/1904 Espagne, Tortosa Berbis/Belloch El Reino de las Hadas 
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23/07/1904 EspagneVitoria Brisac El reino de las hadas ó las profundidades del Occéano
24/07/1904 EspagneVitoria Requena El reina de las hadas
04/08/1904 MexiqueToluca Enrique Rosas El reinado de las hadas
¡ESTRENO! DE LA GRANDIOSA VISTA EL REINADO DE LAS HADAS. Consta de 35 soberbios cuadros, sus títulos son los siguientes: 1. La sala del trono. – 2. Los presentes de las Hadas. – 3. La bruja maldita. – 4. Alcoba de la Princesa. – 5. El sueño, el carro de fuego, los demonios. – 6. La Terraza del Castillo. – 7. Carrera fantástica. Demonios y hechiceras. – 8. La sala de armas. – 9. La torre maldita. – 10. La buena Hada. – 11. La armadura impenetrable. – 12. El buque real. – 13. En plena mar, la tempestad. – 14. El naufragio. – 15. Al fondo del Océano. – 16, Náufragos. El Hada de las aguas. – 17. Las grutas submarinas. – 18. Gran desfile de pescados fantásticos. El carro naútico. – 19. El palacio de las langostas. – 20. La flora de los mares. – 21. El Imperio de Neptuno. – 22. En el vientre de la ballena. – 23. Entrada á la Caverna. – 24. Salida de la Caverna. – 25. El desafío. – 26. El Castillo del Diablo. La Hechicera. – 27. El incendio. Salvación de la Princesa. –28. Agonía de la Hada bruja. – 29. Muerte de la misma. – 30. El Palacio del Rey. – 31. El Hada del aire. – 32.El Reinado de las Hadas. – 33. Cambio de decoración. – 34. Entrada de las bailarinas. – 35. En el cielo.
HORARIO:A las nueve en punto. ¡HORA FIJA!
NOTA:1. ¡La vista más sorprendente, más encantadora que haya podido producir el ingenio humano! El que contempla este grandioso cuadro se cree transportado á la mansión de las hadas! 40 MINUTOS de indecible placer admirando las fantásticas escenas de “EL REINADO de las HADAS.” ¡El público toluqueño no debe perder la oportunidad que se le presenta de venir esta noche al TEATRO PRINCIPAL á recrearse con esta sin rival vista de grandísima duración! “EL REINADO DE LAS HADAS.”¡Basta esta sola proyección para cubrir un número del programa! ¡Todo nuevo! ¡Todo sorprendente! ¡Todo maravilloso!
2. Esta hermosísima vista en colores naturales, estrenada últimamente en París por fotógrafos aventajados, no es conocida aún en la Capital de la República. Sus autores, los Sres. Pathé Hnos., al remitirla á esta Empresa enviaron al Sr. Enrique Rosas, la dedicatoria que enseguida reproducimos: Amigo nuestro: Va Ud. á ser el primero que en la hermosa México dé á conocer nuestra creación de “EL REINADO DE LAS HADAS.” Acepte esta distinción en prueba de afecto que á Ud. y a los hijos de esa privilegiada República, les profesa S. S. — Pathé Freres.
Enrique Rosas, Gran Biógrafo, Toluca, 4 de agosto de 1904.
27/08/1904 Espagne, Tolède, Paseo de la Vega Cinematógrafo El Reino de las Hadas o las maravillas de las profundidades del Océano
27/09/1904 FranceParis, Grands Magasins Dufayel Cinématographe Le Royaume des fées
06/10/1904 Mexique, San Luis Potosí Charles Mongrand  El reino de la hadas
12/11/1904 Espagne, Teruel, Teatro Cinematógrafo El reino de las hadas 
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11/06/1905 FranceOrléans Ernest Grenier Les Merveilles des profondeurs de l'Océan ou le Royaume des Fées 
14/06/1905 MexiqueMexico Biógrafo estereopticón El reinado de las hadas 
31/07/1905 EspagneVitoria Wolf Polack  El reino de las hadas o las maravillas de las profundidades del océano 
23/10/1905 MexiqueMexico, Teatro Riva Palacio Enrique Rosas El reino de las hadas
14/12/1905 ItalieFano Salvatore Spina Ventimila leghe sotto i mari ovvero Le meraviglie delle profondità dell'Oceano
22/01/1906 Espagne, Portman Cánovas/Valero
El reino de las hadas o las profundidades del Oceano
07/02/1906 Espagne, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Filarmónica The Imperial Bioscope El Reino de las Hadas
09/02/1906 Viet-Nam. Haiphong. Neumann. Biographe Le Royaume des Fées
11/02/1906 MexiqueProgreso Barreiro/Toscano El reino de las hadas
16/06/1906 CubaLa Havane Enrique Rosas El reinado de las hadas
05/08/1906 MexiqueGuadalajara Toscano El reino de las hadas
12/10/1908 France, Rennes Cinématographe Kétorza Le Royaume des fées


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