Descente des voyageurs du pont de Brooklyn



Descente des voyageurs du pont de Brooklyn

LUM 1897-01


1 Lumière 324 (AS 195)  
2 Alexandre Promio  
3 [09/1896]-25/09/1896 17m
4 États-Unis, New York  


16/12/1896 FranceLyon, Photo-Club Cinématographe Lumière  Série de vues américaines
27/12/1896 États-UnisPhiladelphie, 1104 Chestnut street Cinématographe Lumière  The Brooklyn Bridge and its pedestrians 
28/12/1896  États-UnisNew York, Brooklyn Institute Cinématographe Lumière The bridge staircase on the New York side
10/01/1897 France, Lyon Cinématographe Lumière  New York : descente des voyageurs du pont de Brooklyn 
21/02/1897 États-UnisNew York, Proctor's Pleasure Palace Cinématographe Lumière  Crowds at Brooklyn Bridge 
Several new views were shown, the most interesting of which is a picture of the stairway leading from the end of Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall Park. It was taken at a busy hour in the morning, and as the scene is a familiar one it aroused more interest than all the others put together.
The New York Dramatic Mirror, New York, 6 mars 1897, p. 17.
12/08/1897 Cuba, La Habana  UbagoArnautóLuna  Descenso (Descanso) de viajeros en Brooklynn