The Burning Stable



The Burning Stable

Shows a barn actually in flames, from which four horses and a burning wagon are rescued by firemen ans stable hands. The scene is exciting, full of action from beginning to end, and all its details are clearly and sharply defined. Thick volumes of smoke pouring from the doors and windows of the stable add greatly to the realistic effect.

MB 1897-01


1 Edison (MU 247) Maguire & Baucus 136/147
2 William Heise  
3 10/1896 50 f/150 ft
4 États-Unis  


18/04/1896 MexiqueMexico Joaquín Espinosa Incendio en una cuadra
Episodio de un incendio
*29/04/1897 Cuba, La Havane Suaston Fuego en un establo
*29/04/1897 Cuba, La Havane, La Alhambra Yorik Fuergo en un establo
10/11/1897 Grande BretagneGreat Marlow David Devant A Stable on fire 
13/06/1898  Grande Bretagne, Jersey Ernest Wighton Stables on Fire 

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