Black Diamond Express


Black Diamond Express

This scene presents the famous Lehigh Valley "flyer" emerging from a wood in the distance and approaching the camera under full head of steam. A section gang in the foreground, engaged in repairing track, wave their hats to the engineer, who is leaning out of the cab window. The snowy linen which the porters wave from the platform of the dining car adds to the effect produced. The "Black Diamond" is undoubtedly the handsomest and one of the fastest trains in America, and the subject is the only one in existence showing an express train making seventy miles an hour.

MB 1897-01


1 Edison 168 (MU 262)  
2 William Heise  
3 01/12/1896   
4 États-Unis. Lake Cayuga, N. Y.   


04/01/1897 Jamaïque, Kingston Harry J. Daniels The Black Diamond Express
14/02/1897 Cuba, La Havane Vitoscopio Edison, Acera del Louvre  Expreso Diamante Negro 
30/08/1897 Grande BretagneBexhill-on-Sea Ernest Wighton  The American express, “Black Diamond” 
A charge of cavalry aroused the martial instincts of a portion of the audience, who did not take much notice of the American express, “Black Diamond,” running at a speed of 70 miles an hour, although they swallowed the joke that that was a speed seldom exceeded even on our South Coast railways.
Bexhill-on-Sea Observer, Bexhill-on-Sea, 4 September 1897, 5.
27/12/1897 Grande-BretagneBristol [David Devant The American Express 
25/01/1898 Grande-BretagneRamsgate [David Devant] An American Express
17/02/1898 Grande-BretagneSuffolk [David Devant The American Express 
03/05/1898 Italie, Cagliari Motofotoscopio Black Diamo, Express



[Black Diamond express, Lehigh Valley Railroad], 1895
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