Briton and Boer

Battle of Mafeking



"In the opening of this picture we see in the foreground a company of Highlanders preparing for a charge on the Boer entrenchments seen in the distance. Just in advance of the Highlanders, two pieces of artillery have just been placed in position, and these immediately open fire upon the enemy. After several volleys from the battery, the Highlanders charge. They only reach a point just in advance of the battery, when they are attacked on the flank by a troop of Boer Cavalry, who come on the scene riding like madmen. All the Artillerymen fall about their guns except one, who runs to join the Highlanders but is brought to earth by a shot from one of the Cavalrymen. The Boers close with the Highlanders and a hand to hand fight is waged, in which the smoke becomes so thick that it is difficult to distinguish Boer from Briton. A Cavalryman is seen to fall mortally wounded from his horse, who walks off the field with an empty saddle. This is a very exciting picture."    (Edison Films,  July 1901) 

Edison 805
n.c.  11/04/1900; Orange Moutains, West Orange, N. J. (Estados Unidos)
La Habana (Cuba) 24/05/1900; Delamare y Bellán; Batalla de Makefin
  San José (Costa Rica 06/11/1903; Delamare y DidierGuerra en el Transvalla [sic]
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