Briton and Boer

Boers Bringing in British Prisoners



"Here we have a mixed company of Gordon Highlanders, Irish Fusilliers and English Lancers, as a group of prisoners taken to the rear by a troop of Boer Cavalry. The expression on their faces show who is the victor, and who is the vanquished. You can read in the dust and smoke-begrimed countenance of the prisoners, the story of their stubborn resistance to superior numbers before the surrender: while the Boers give expression to their feelings, by cheering and waving their hats in triumph as they pass."    (Edison Films,  July 1901) 

Edison 800
n.c.  11/04/1900; Orange Moutains, West Orange, N. J. (Estados Unidos)
San José (Costa Rica 06/11/1903; Delamare y DidierGuerra en el Transvalla [sic]
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