A Pillow Fight



A Pillow Fight

AMB 1898-1905-01

The Pillow Fight

The first half reel shows children & infants in a sack race in bed. The second half of the reel is the children in a pillow fight.
The central boss is stamped KINORA Co Ltd London Nº 67. 

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1 American Mutoscope & Biograph Company 158 Kinora 57
2 n.c.  
3 <03/04/1897 152 ft
4 États-Unis


03/04/1897 États-Unis. Washington. Willard Hall. Biograph Pillow Fight
PILLOW FIGHT-Two children waking earlier than their companions proceed to wake them very unceremoniously by throwing pillows at the heads of the sleeping ones. Thus roused, the victims commence a vigorous defense. In the fight, one little one tumbles out of bed, but regaining her feet dances in delight at the sight of the others, when suddenly a pillow bursts and everything is merged in feathers.
The Boston Globe, Boston, dimanche 4 avril 1897, p. 19.
11/04/1897 États-Unis. Boston. Keith's New Theatre Biograph A Pillow Fight Between Four Little Girls
13/04/1897 États-Unis. Pittsburg. Hopkins-Duquesne Theater. Biograph The Pillow Fight
28/07/1897 États-Unis. Philadelphie. Keith's Bijou Theatre. Biograph Pillow Fight
23/08/1897 Australie. Sydney. Palace Theatre. Biograph The Pillow Battle
04/10/1897 Australie. Brisbane. Theatre Royal. Biograph Pillow Fight
14/12/1897 États-Unis. New Haven. Poli's Wonderland Theater. Biograph The Pillow Fight
16/05/1897 Grande-BretagneLondres. Palace Theatre of Varieties. American Biograph A Pillow Fight
"A Pillow Fight". This is splendidly realistic. You watch the youngsters as they rise from their beds and advance to the attack; you enter into the excitement as the contest proceeds; and when the pillow cases burst and the combatants are almost hidden in a shower of feathers you vote the fun both fast and furious, and are compelled to join in the general roar at merriment.
The Referee, dimanche 16 mai 1897, p. 2.
18/05/1898 États-Unis. New York. Union League Club Biograph Pillow Fight
30/11/1898 FranceAngers. Oger/Daue La Bataille des oreillers
01/01/1899 FranceTours. Oger/Daue La Bataille des oreillers
18/01/1899 FranceNantes. Oger/Daue La Bataille des oreillers
13/07/1899 FranceLimoges. Oger/Daue La Bataille des oreillers


0158 01
Alfred Choubrac, Casino de Paris, The American Biograph. La Bataille des oreillers, (ATeliers Choubrac, à Colombes, Seine). Signée à gauche, 55 x 75. couleur, [1897-1898] [D.R.]